The Bestop Sunrider is a popular soft top for the CJ-Series Jeeps and Wranglers from 1987 to 2006. The fold back sunroof is one of the easiest to use on the market, for a hassle free experience when trailing.


Bestop’s Award Winning Sunrider Soft Top

When trailing in the summer, the Sunrider from Bestop is a sure bet to get you some fresh open air, without having to break out the tool box or read a four inch manual. Who’s got time for that, right?

The Sunrider installs like most soft tops on the early Jeeps. Some minor drilling is required, depending on the model and year. Bestop provides all the hardware (many parts are powder coated) you need to install the top, so there’s no mixing and matching, and the parts all fit together like they should.

You also get new belt rails and a bow assembly to help keep your Sunrider tight and form fitting to your Jeep. The Sunrider uses Bestop’s patented Belt Rail attachment system for easier installation than traditional tops.


Once the top is installed, the Sunrider flip top is easy to flip back in just seconds. There are two latches on the windshield header you unlatch, and the top folds back on two spars. It’s very simple, yet effective. If it rains suddenly, or you need to close it up again, it only take a moment to pull it up and re-latch.

Again, no tools are needed to accomplish this.

The rear window can be rolled up and tied off with the included straps without taking the entire window off. The tailgate bar also allows you to open the tailgate without opening the rear window for quick access to the things you need while camping or biking.

The Bestop Sunrider has many of the usual features that make Bestop products so durable and long lasting. The fabric material in the top of course is mildew-resistant, contains UV inhibitors, and is even offered in factory original colors to match your Jeep. The materials include both  Black Diamond and Denim.

If you like to drive with doors or upper windows, Bestop offers those separately to match the Sunrider tops.

Take a good look at the Sunrider. If you like trailing to get to those sweet fishing spots and enjoy the outdoors, you can experience it a lot more with a Sunrider soft top on your Jeep!

When is your favorite time to flip the top back?