How to Bleed Brakes

There are four methods: gravity, pressure, vacuum, and pedal bleeding. The most common is pedal. This process is as follows (CAUTION:  Always bench bleed master cylinder first (if being replaced), then the system.):

1) Pedal bleeding is a two person job - one person pumps the pedal, and the other operates the valves. Open each bleeder valve individually, then depress the pedal one full stroke. The person watching the valves looks for air bubbles and closes the bleeder valve before the pedal is slowly returned to the released position. NOTE: To assure that no air is siphoned into the system, a plastic hose should be connected to the valve. The other end of the hose should be submerged in container of brake fluid. Also, the valve must be closed at the end of each stroke before releasing the pedal.)

2) Continue in this manner until all calipers are bled.

3) After each caliper is bled, refill the master cylinder and frequently check the reservoir.

4) Bleed the longest line first, following this order: right-rear-outer, right-rear-inner, left-rear-outer, left-rear-inner, right-front and left-front.