Bikini Top, Sunlighter Top, Safari Top and Flip Top

If your Jeep came with a hard top, there are several types of Jeep soft tops available for wen the season hits. You don’t have to be stuck with a hard top year round if you don’t want to be. Soft tops have come a long way, as they are built for durability and functionality.

Some of the best Jeep soft top options include:

  • Tinted Windows
  • Heavier or Quieter Sailcloth Material
  • Bikini top or a Safari top style
  • Sunlighter or the Combo Bikini Top with a Windjammer and Duster

Look and feel options are endless and they have something for everyone

There are a handful of companies that strive to bring you quality products. These companies stand behind their products and that's why they have been in the business for many years.

The best Jeep soft top companies include Bestop, Pavement Ends and Rugged Ridge. They cater to all things Jeep, constantly updating and innovating their product line. For this reason, when you decide you need to accessorize your Jeep with a new look or a new top, these are the brands you should be considering.



The bikini top by itself is one of the most popular soft tops. It's a great top for the summer months, allowing you to you to take in the surrounding outdoor environments with just enough coverage and the right exposure. This is the quintessential soft top that speaks to the Jeep Enthusiast with a free-wheeling mindset.If you want the sun to peek in a little more, then the best Jeep soft top for you is the Sunlighter Bikini top. This is a Bikini top that allows the sun to come in but keeps the sun burn out. The Sunlighter Top has a semi-transparent finish that is water resistant and tough while still shading you from the sun. With this itsy-bitsy bikini, you get a little more exposure and some UV protection.


The Safari Top is an extra-large Bikini that extends to the rear of your Jeep. The wonderful thing about it is that it offers protection from the elements for you and all of your passengers. You still get to enjoy the feel of the outdoors, but now everyone is protected from that occasional summer shower.


If you have a Bikini Top or a Safari Top you may want to accessorize. In this case you have several options that will give your Jeep a new look. When you add a windjammer to your Bikini Top, you decrease the wind and still keep the feeling of the outdoors. If you take it a step further and add the duster to the back seat, you now complete the look. The duster provides a storage area where you can store some items and protect them from the elements, as well as protect your jeep. This combination is ideal, providing comfort, protection and coolness wrapped up into one.


If you're one of those Jeep owners that loves their soft top you can still enjoy the summer in a unique way. The Flip Top is a that option.

The Flip Top is a very convenient top. It's the sunroof version for Jeeps. With this soft top you can enjoy the outdoors in a "Flip" and if the occasional summer shower comes around you can cover up in a Flip. Hence, Flip Top!


When you purchase these Jeep Tops from industry experts you will receive durable, high quality products with hardware, specially designed for your jeep. Don't limit yourself to the top your Jeep came with. You don't wear the same thing every day, neither should your Jeep. Dress up your Jeep with a Bikini Top or a Safari Top or go all the way and get a Bikini top with a Windjammer/Duster Combo and show off your new look.