Jeep Wrangler Third Brake Lights

The third brake light is like the black sheep of the flock when it comes to lighting for your Jeep. It's the forgotten light, the "extra" light, and probably the last light to get an update of any kind. Bring your third brake light into the fold with some useful and decorative products. Make a statement! Here's how:

Let's start with the Jeep Tweaks Third Brake Light Guard for your JK Wrangler. Textured with a black powder coat finish, it not only protects the lens, but has a really cool Jeep silhouette and JK logo incorporated into it. Hey, if anything, no one will mistake your Jeep for a YJ. Read the third tail light newbie!

Jeep Tweaks Rear Grille 3rd Brake Light

Don't want to spell out "JK"? Looking for something with a little more "classic" Jeep style? Jeep Tweaks does it again with the Rear Grill 3rd Brake Light that has the traditional 6 slats (what??? only six?) Jeep grille design. Seriously though, it leaves no doubt as to what kind of vehicle you're trailing.

Got a relative in the U.S. Army driving a Jeep of their own? Jeep Tweaks makes a third brake light guard just for them. It says - what else? - ARMY. Pretty cool. (Okay. Okay. Yes, we have NAVY, USCG, USAF and USMC as well).

Here's a clever way to get a third brake light, and it's an LED setup. If you're hauling a big off road tire on the back of your Jeep, you probably covered up or eliminated the third light. Or maybe it blocks your view when you're backing up over a boulder. But no worries! The Delta Lug Nut Lite Kit uses two LED lights that fit into the wheel stud holes in the rim. Hey, no holes to drill - they're already there! While they look small, the LED bulbs are powerful.

Rock Slide Engineering

There's another way to not only get an LED third brake light but also a great way to mount your rear license plate in the perfect spot. Just inside the spare tire, safe from getting ripped off while trailing. The bracket/plate mounts inside the rim to the carrier stalk. Note the third light also lights up the license plate in accordance to local laws, so you're good to go! If you don't need the license plate relocation feature, Rancho makes a similar kit with just the third brake light. Rock Slide Engineering also makes a kit to mount and LED light in the center cap area of the rim.

Poison Spyder makes a simple kit to mount an LED brake light on your spare tire on the rear. Or actually, just about anywhere you might want to attach your plate on your Jeep. It also has the white light for the license plate to keep you legal. The harness features a M/F plug so you can disconnect the light if needed for removal of some gear or the spare, or whatever. This is also handy on trailers, since it mounts where the two holes are in the license plate.

Warrior Third Brake Light Kit

If you've removed your outside spare tire and carrier from your JK Wrangler, the Warrior Third Brake Light Kit will let you mount an LED brake light on the back of the tailgate. It uses the holes that were originally for the spare tire feature, so it's an easy install. It brings the third light down a bit if it blocks your view up high. It has a black finish to it, so it goes with any color Jeep. Warrior also makes a similar kit that's more universal, for almost any kind of Jeep.

If you have an oversized tire on the rear and you want to raise the third brake light to clear it, Or-Fab makes a kit to do this called the "Gecko" Light. It partially uses the stock lighting pigtail in the tailgate, but there is some mild wiring you do yourself. The light itself is a modern LED unit. Granted, it might block your view out the back window some, but not anymore than the big black donut you've attached to the back already. Rampage makes a similar universal setup to mount a third brake light up high, and can be adaptable to other Jeeps and trucks.

If you have a JK Wrangler and need a high mount LED light, look into the LoD Brake Light Mount. It mounts to the OE holes for the spare tire carrier.

As you can see, there are many ways to tackle updating your third brake light. It depends on how you've modified your Jeep, but there are several options to go with. How will you update yours?