Everybody gets stuck now and then. No matter how big your tires are, or how much horsepower you're running, with the right kind of water, mud, or loose sand, you can get your rig in a tight spot in seconds. The next thing you know, you're breaking out the shovels and picks, and maybe a strap or two if you're trailing with some friends. It might even turn into a bad day.

Traction Jack Roadside Recovery Kits

If you're trailing out alone, or maybe the trek home is over some bad terrain, then a Traction Jack Roadside Recovery kit can help you out. It only takes one person to use, it's relatively light weight, easy to store, and can get you out of a hole like nothing else. Traction Jack
Digging out the tire is fine, and shoving branches and rocks underneath the tire - that's not so effective, really. With a set of Traction Jack devices, you can get some serious grip for the tires, and get your rig back on solid ground. Traction Jacks are made from a high quality, reinforced, poly-composite material. They're produced in colors such as black, yellow and orange. Don't worry if you modified your rig, or have extra weight for gear. The Traction Jacks can support up to 30,000 lbs. Included with Traction Jacks are Sand Ropes. If the Traction device gets buried while you're working out of the hole to get unstuck, pulling on the Sand Ropes will free them. This means, you don't have to dig them out, or lose them in a nasty pile of debris. It also helps that you don't have to get down on your knees and dig them out by hand, which can be some back breaking work. These are great items to have, whether you have a Jeep, truck, or even a car. You can use them in bad weather, such as snow and ice, or if your roads frequently get muddy, anytime you think you might get stuck. It would certainly be cheaper than a tow truck bill, right? Be prepared for any bad road conditions. Get a Traction Jack Recovery Kit today!

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