The Trektop NX Plus from Bestop delivers a durable, clean fabric soft top look to your Jeep. This fully-enclosed, all-season soft top provides protection that features zipperless technology that allows for an improved fit and easier installation. This improvement on the best-selling Trektop NX is a step-up in fit, quality, and durability.

Installing the Bestop Trektop NX Plus

This video features Eric installing the Bestop Trektop NX Plus. Follow along as he takes you step-by-step through the process. This video is almost 30 minutes long, with all the tiny details covered from start to finish. Watch closely and take notes if you have been having trouble installing your own Trektop NX Plus.

  1. Install rear door surrounds
  2. Install front door surrounds
  3. Install sunrider brackets
  4. Install rear bow
  5. Install the arch bar
  6. Install middle bow assembly
  7. Attach top to brackets
  8. Attach side bars to brackets
  9. Attach foam and Velcro
  10. Attach soft top cable to rear bow
  11. Snap the buttons of the top in the rear
  12. Install tailgate bar clips on the hatch
  13. Move sunrider to front position
  14. Attach latches to windshield frame
  15. Attach rear windows
  16. Install tailgate bar
  17. Clamp down latches

The above highlights the steps in the process, but by no means provide the gritty details Eric goes over during the video. If the general steps above don’t get you through, be sure to watch each step as Eric executes.

  • Are you considering the new Trektop NX Plus, but still on the fence? Key features include:
  • Glide system rear windows make installing/removing windows fast and easy
  • Brand new sunrider design, allows for one hand operation
  • Fastback look and Bikini top without full convertible necessary
  • Specialty colors, back diamond, or twill material