There’s no question that Bestop makes some of the best soft tops for Jeeps. Even better, their Trektop NX series of tops are Jeep fan-favorites for their high quality and innovative engineering. With special guest Larry Lyon, and our own Eric here at Morris 4x4 Center, let’s take a look at the Bestop NX family of soft tops

Trektop NX

This first Trektop NX top developed by Bestop has the very attractive fastback look. In front, it features a Sunrider, which is a portion of the top that flips back to give you the open air feel and sun in your hair. The windows are removable using standard zippers. This was the first NX design by Bestop and has proven itself over the course of many years as a tough, well-made soft top.

Trektop Pro

The Bestop Trektop NX Pro is the only soft top/hard top hybrid on the market today for Jeeps. Like a soft top, it has the flip back Sunrider feature. But like a hardtop, it has hard side windows and a hard rear glass window. Note that the rear side windows will slide in an open position to vent, unlike factory hardtop windows. All three of the windows can be easily removed. The rear window flips up, and opens like a hard top window would. It allows you full access to the rear of your Jeep with the tailgate open. There are no zippers on the Trektop Pro to get clogged or dirty.

Trektop NX Glide

The Trektop NX Glide allows you to fold back the top. It’s similar to a Sunrider, but instead of just uncovering the front portion of the interior, the NX Glide allows the soft top portion to be folded all the way to the back of the Jeep. Opening the entire front and rear seats to the open air and sun.

The Trektop NX Glide, with the top fully on, has the rear fastback look as well like the standard Trektop NX. And you can just open the front if you want to look like a Sunrider. There are no zippers on the NX Glide. Bestop has upgraded the windows to install with a bead that slides into a channel for faster and easier removal and installation.

Trektop NX Plus

The newest NX family member is the Bestop Trektop NX Plus. It has the Sunrider feature, but it has been redesigned so that it can be flipped back by one person, in just seconds. Stuck at a red light? Reach up and flip back the Sunrider and you’re ready to get some rays.

The Trektop Plus also uses no zippers. The windows use the Bestop bead and channel innovation so they can easily and quickly be removed or slid back into place.

All the Bestop NX Trektops are available in Black Twill, the top of the line material for quality and endurance for Jeep soft tops..

P.S. The Bestop Trektop NX Plus should be available soon in late spring or early summer.