With snow and subzero temperatures on their way, now is a good time to prepare your Jeep for winter.

With snow and subzero temperatures on their way, now is a good time to prepare your Jeep for winter. As a matter of fact, all of the winter prep tips we talk about here are applicable for Jeeps, cars, trucks, and any other vehicle that may be part of your fleet. We cover the steps to keep you from sliding on icy roads, avoiding freeze damage to fuel lines, handling low visibility due to snow, what you need to get unstuck, and even what you may need in a sub-zero emergency situation. No matter what you’re driving around, make sure you take the proper precautions to properly prepare for winter driving.

1. Snow Tires and Off-Road Tires

Now is the time to get a good pair of snow tires. If you already have off-road tires on your vehicle, those will work well too.

2. Make Sure Your Fluids Won’t Freeze

Check your coolant, and put in a proper mix of antifreeze and water into the tank. Add fuel additives to keep your fuel from freezing and rendering your vehicle useless, especially if you have a diesel Jeep or truck.

3. Replace Your Wiper Blades

Snow can build up on your windshield, sometimes calling for the need to scrape ice off. Having a good set of wiper blades can help clear a lot of snow away and increase your visibility in a snow storm.

4. Make Sure Your Interior Heater Works

Check your heater operation, heater core and defroster. If any of these is out of commission you’re in for a very cold trip. Take your Jeep to a mechanic and get these repaired before it gets too cold to drive.

5. Check Your Battery

Check to see if your battery is working optimally. Another good idea is to get a battery with high cold cranking amps, like the Optima red tops.

6. Check Your Lights

Make sure all exterior lights are working properly. If you live in an area where snow storms and blizzards decrease visibility substantially, get aftermarket LEDs and fog lights to help you see when you’re caught in the middle of a storm.

7. Properly Store Your Vehicle

Sometimes Jeeps are only brought out for a season. If you’re storing your vehicle, make sure you place it in a dry, safe place, or put a cover over it to help preserve the paint and interior.

8. Prepare an Emergency Box and Store it in the Jeep

Just in case you get caught in the middle of nowhere in your Jeep, prep an emergency box containing spare antifreeze, oil, washer fluid, spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and water to melt ice to scrape ice away from windshield, a flash light, an emergency radio, batteries, jumper cables, sand bags, snow chains for your tires, a shovel, a jack, tools, first aid kit, water, non-perishable food, and kitty litter for tire grip.