Eric, and Warn’s own Corby Phillips give you the fast down and dirty comparisons between the two. Considering that both winches are made by Warn, it’s a winning situation either way. But different winches are used in different ways, and it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation

The Warn Zeon Platinum Winch Review

The Zeon Platinum winch is basically Warn’s Zeon winch on steroids. In addition to a few new cosmetics changes, it features:

  • More copper
  • Stronger gears
  • More power
  • More tech (no clutch lever)
  • LCD wireless remote control

This winch only comes in 10K and 12K pounds, leaving out the standard 8k winches for lighter pulling jobs. It’s IP68 rated (meaning it’s protected against 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 min), with a 7-year electrical warranty and a lifetime mechanical warranty. The wireless remote is good up to 150 ft., with a safety lock feature to keep the winch from engaging when the remote is in your pocket. That’s only one safety feature of the Platinum—the remote actually features 2 safety mechanisms to prevent accidents while winching out on the trails.

Other bonuses of the Platinum model include Jeep battery indicator and the winch heat indicator. The Platinum runs 20% more efficient with the added copper in the motor. It conveniently comes with a kill switch to keep your battery from draining when not in use (the winch often searches for the signal when on). The charging cable also serves to tether the remote control to the winch for wired operation when it’s dead.

The Warn VR 8-S Winch

The Warn VR 8-S borrows some aesthetic and technological characteristics from the popular Warn Zeon series winches. Unlike the Zeon, the VR 8-S is offered with the “smaller” 8k lb. capacity, in addition to and 10K lb. and 12k lb. capacities with steel or synthetic cable options.

The smaller, cost-effective VR 8-S also boasts:

  • A hidden remote port
  • Center mounted control pack
  • Steel fairlead

In addition, Warn offers the 7-year electrical warranty and lifetime mechanical warranty, just like with the Zeon. While the VR line is smaller in stature, each Winch is built to get the job done. Be sure to check out the full line of Warn winches and choose the one that best fits your needs.