Do cheap Jeep bumpers exist? We wanted to answer this age-old question once and for all using these affordable Jeep front bumpers with a price point under $300. Jeep bumper replacements come in a variety of styles and functions. Whether you’re restoring an older CJ or Wrangler to mint condition or retro-fitting one with newer/better upgrades there are plenty to choose from.

Do I Need to Upgrade My Stock Jeep Bumper?

You might be asking “What’s wrong with the one I’ve got?”

Nothing. From day one, stock Jeeps were made to endure more damage than the average vehicle. Created specifically for war, they were designed to go off road and to handle the pursuant consequences of battle zones. Factory installed stock bumpers are perfectly capable for the average Jeep owner who will be doing mostly city/highway driving and occasional off-road trips. Anyone who plans on taking their rig out into the wild on a regular basis, however, really ought to consider an aftermarket bumper solution.

For starters, they come with the latest cutting-edge technology and are made of durable materials like steel and aluminum. Not to mention the ability to better perform out in the harsh terrain when compared to a stock bumper. A stinger, for instance, could easily get you through wild trails with lots of brush or keep you from flipping over your front end when coming down a steep descent. A stubby can allow for better approach angles but offers less protection than a full-width option.  It depends on the kind of driving you’re into and the environments you frequent.

Is a “Cheap” Bumper Really a Safe Option?

Replacing a factory Jeep bumper with an affordable upgrade is a common practice. That’s why we’ve picked a variety that will get the job done for you. So if you’re looking for a Jeep JK bumper or a bumper for your YJ, TJ, or CJ, you’ll find loads here. Don’t let the term “Cheap” fool you, these bumpers come from the top manufacturers putting out the highest-quality aftermarket parts for Wranglers and CJs.

We’ve done our best to break this article into tables containing the cheapest bumper alongside upgraded variations. We also identified the Jeep fitment so browsing through the selection is simple.

Smittybilt Tube Style Bumpers

The hunt to find your best cheap Jeep bumper option starts here. Some things you’ll want to take into account when choosing the right fit include:

  • Year, Make, and Model
  • Design/Color of Your Jeep
  • The Need for a Winch (now or in the future)

You’ll also want to compare brands and offerings, bumper weight, light mount options, and composition. Try to keep all of this in mind as you jump in.

$139.99Smittybilt Tubular Front Bumper w/out Hoop Gloss BlackYJ/TJ/CJSee Current Price
$199.99Smittybilt Tubular Front Bumper w/ Hoop Textured BlackYJ/TJ/CJSee Current Price
$224.99Smittybilt Tubular Front Bumper w/out Hoop Stainless SteelYJ/TJ/CJSee Current Price
$299.99Smittybilt Tubular Front Bumper w/ Hoop Stainless SteelYJ/TJ/CJSee Current Price
$209.99Smittybilt Tubular Front Bumper w/ Hoop Gloss BlackJKSee Current Price

Smittybilt Tube Style Bumpers Under $300 In Gloss Black and Stainless Steel

These tube style bumpers have that old school look with heavy duty performance. Each of the above is slightly different from the last but they are all made to last. There are so many options to choose from, but each has:

  • Robotic Precision Welds
  • Zinc Undercoating Treatment
  • Dual Powdercoat Finish/Triple Chrome Plating

Smittybilt has been making parts for Jeeps and 4x4s since 1956. While affordable, selecting one of these options means choosing a product that has over 60 years of experience behind the brand.

Rugged Ridge Tube Style Bumpers

Rugged Ridge is a part of Omix-ADA, a huge player in the Jeep parts market who also owns drivetrain manufacturer Alloy USA. There’s no question you’re getting some of the best quality parts when considering these options.

$140.99Rugged Ridge Front Double Tubular Bumper, Powder Coated – Semi Gloss BlackYJ/TJ/CJSee Current Price
$195.99Rugged Ridge Front Double Tubular Bumper w/ Hoop – BlackYJ/TJ/CJSee Current Price
$299.99Rugged Ridge Front Double Tube Bumper w/ Winch Cutout – Textured BlackYJ/TJ/CJSee Current Price

Rugged Ridge Double Tubular Bumper Less than $300 in black powder coat and high gloss

Rugged Ridge has some great cheap Jeep bumpers in double tube style as well. These bumpers for YJ, TJ and CJ offer winch cutouts or a hoop with light tabs for easy mounting. The hoops are larger to allow for greater airflow. The steel tubes are 3″ in diameter and are solid for greater protection. Ranging from $140.99-$299.99 these are definitely fierce competitors to the Smittybilt ones above.

Rough Country Front Stubby Bumpers

One reviewer gave this bumper 5 stars, saying “best bang for the buck,” while another 5 star rater said “Easy to install, built tough with less weight. Added the D-ring adapters and a Rough Country Winch and have already pulled myself out of a sticky situation once…” There’s nothing like a real person’s testimonial. Just check out the choices below to see the reviews for yourself.

$149.95Rough Country Front Stubby Bumper – Black Carbon PowdercoatYJ/TJSee Current Price
$189.95Rough Country Front Hybrid Stubby Winch BumperJKSee Current Price
$229.95Rough Country Front Hybrid Stubby Winch Bumper w/ Integrated Fog Light MountsJKSee Current Price
$279.95Rough Country Front Stubby Bumper w/ Winch Mounting Plate – Black Carbon PowdercoatJKSee Current Price

Rough Country Front Hybrid Stubby Winch Bumper Trio Under $300

The base model of this Rough Country Stubby bumper starts at $149.95. It has Black Carbon Powdercoated finish, is lightweight and is a bolt-on part.  Even better, it allows you to get more clearance and achieve better approach angles. The other beefy winch mount options also offer good clearance and the security of knowing you can pull yourself out of a tough situation.

LoD Bumpers

$157.99LoD 54″ Front Bumper – Gloss BlackYJSee Current Price
$174.99LoD 54″ Front Bumper – Gloss BlackCJSee Current Price

The LOD 54″ front bumper has a simple design and easily bolts on to replace your Jeep front bumper. Don’t let the basic look deceive you though, this bumper is made of 10 gauge steel. It comes standard with two light mounts and two shackle mounts in semigloss black powder coating.

One review said “It was better quality than the ProComp one I took off. It looks more stock except better. Easy to put on and the feeling of strength.”  Sounds good to us!

Smittybilt SRC Classic Front Bumpers

$149.99Smittybilt SRC Classic Front Bumper w/out 3/4″ D-Ring and D-Rings MountsYJ/TJSee Current Price
$169.99Smittybilt SRC Classic Front Bumper w/ 3/4″ D-Rings and D-Ring MountsYJ/TJSee Current Price
$299.99Smittybilt SRC Classic Front Bumper w/ 3/4″ D-Ring MountsJKSee Current Price


Smittybilt SRC Bumper with winch plate below $300 in black powder coat

Smittybilt SRC bumpers deliver heavy duty protection in the harshest off road conditions. The center section of all three listed is made from 3/16″ cold rolled steel plate to protect the frame horn’s lower cross member. Along with better clearance and premium durability, you also get a 5-year limited warranty on these tough bumpers. The options above show the bumper with or without D-Ring mounts for YJ and TJ Wrangler models.

Rampage Double Tube Front Bumpers

$152.99Rampage Front or Rear Double Tube Jeep Bumper w/out Hoop in Black Powder CoatYJ/TJ/CJSee Current Price
$159.99Rampage Double Tube Front Bumper w/ Hoop – BlackYJ/TJ/CJSee Current Price
$209.97Rampage Double Tube Front Bumper w/ Hoop and Light Cut Outs, Textured BlackYJ/TJ/CJSee Current Price
$248.99Rampage Jeep Bumper Double Tube Front or Rear – Stainless SteelYJ/TJ/CJSee Current Price
$259.99Rampage Double Tube Front Bumper w/ Hoop, Stainless SteelJKSee Current Price
$269.99Rampage Double Tube Front Bumper w/  Hoop – Stainless SteelYJ/TJ/CJSee Current Price

Rampage Double Tube Bumper less than $300 in high gloss and black powder coat

Double tube bumpers are really popular. These Rampage bumpers easily bolt-on and protect your Jeep while maintaining a clean look and classic style. With no welding to worry about and 3″ diameter tubes made from stainless steel these puppies can’t be stopped. Models listed come in stainless steel or black, with or without hoops and or light mounts.

Rugged Ridge Classic Rock Crawler

Classic looks and rock crawling. Boom. Set yourself up with an economical yet tough front bumper for your Saturday and Sunday adventures. Kind of like Clark Kent and Superman. With a black finish it goes with any paint job you’ve got. You already heard about Rugged Ridge’s reputation and you’ve likely picked up one part or another from them if you’ve owned your Jeep for any amount of time.

$179.99Rugged Ridge Front Classic Rock Crawling Bumper – BlackYJ/TJ/CJSee Current Price

Rugged Ridge Front Classic Rock Crawling Bumper High Gloss Black Less Than $300

You can use the existing mounting holes on your Jeep to install this tough and affordable rock crawler. It has the classic look and greater ground clearance to let you get off road and all over the waiting rocks.  Made from steel material, it comes with spacer washers if you’re installing this on a CJ model Jeep.

Aries Automotive Tubular Bumper

Aries has been kicking butt for 18 years. They specialize in accessories made from rubber, ABS plastic, and tubular steel. Hence, the double tube bumper with hoop below. They are continually increasing their range of products in their product line. With growth on their minds, they operate out of Texas, Georgia, Canada and California.

$189.97Aries Automotive Front Tubular Bumper – Black Powder Coated Steel YJ/TJ/CJSee Current Price

Aries Automotive Black Powder Coated Steel Tubular Bumper Under $300

This Aries double tube bumper is made from 3″ steel tubing. It mounts to the Jeep’s original mounting points and has a nice black powder coated finish. It’s tough and simple, which is what makes double tube bumpers so attractive. Pick this one up if you’re looking for real protection.

Westin TrailBlazer Bumper

Westin Automotive has been going strong for over 37 years. Their take on business is that “a product should fit, function, look good, and last.” Can’t argue with that. They have 5 brands (including Brute, Fey, T-Max and Wade) and produce 90 products over 13 categories.

$232.99Westin TrailBlazer Front Bumper, Black Textured FinishYJ/TJSee Current Price

Westin TrailBlazer Bumper in Black Textured Finish Less Than $300

Westin’s Trailblazer series bumpers were made specifically for the Jeep Wrangler in your life. This one is made of 2″ diameter tubing with a textured powder coated finish and contours to the front end for a sleek off road appearance. A winch tray can be added to make it a winch bumper. It comes with shackle mounting tabs and winch accessory support. One customer said he was able to install this in 15 minutes. Check out the shining reviews for the TrailBlazer by visiting the product page.

Smittybilt SRC Stinger

You might call the Smittybilt SRC front Stinger bumper the belle of the ball. It’s made from DOM 1020 2″ tubing, which is one of the strongest materials used in Jeep parts. Its D-Ring mounts are welded on the inside and out for maximum strength, and that stinger will breach through any brush to move you through your expedition off road. This rugged bumper gives the Jeep excellent ground clearance, can withstand most hostile environments, and comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

$269.99Smittybilt SRC Front Stinger Bumper – Textured BlackYJ/TJSee Current Price

Warn Rock Crawler

Founded in 1948, Warn makes a full line of off road parts and accessories.

We’ll just put this right here:

Warn has a reputation for quality products and I wasn’t disappointed in the bumper I received. It was easier to install on my CJ7 than a competitors bumper was to mount on my JK. I did swap out the 4 frame bolts for 2 long bolts so that installation would be that much easier. I recommend this bumper to anyone that is wanting to upgrade the old bumper on their CJ.

$286.40Warn Rock Crawler Front Bumper w/ 3/4″ D-Ring Mounts – Smooth Black Powder Coat CJSee Current Price

Warn Rock Crawler Front Bumper with D-Ring Mounts Under $300


For the CJs only. It contributes to a smooth off-road experience with great utility and toughness. With tapered ends it gives your Jeep increased approach angles. This cheap Jeep bumper features pre-drilled holes to mount lights and welded eyelets to mount 3/4″ D-shackles. To top it all off it comes in a smooth black powder coat.

Bestop HighRock 4×4 Narrow Bumper

Bestop isn’t just into soft tops. No sir, this company was established in 1954 and has their hand in making some of the most popular Jeep parts and accessories around. Case in point, the HighRock bumper.

$297.99Bestop HighRock 4×4 Narrow Style Front Bumper – Satin BlackYJ/TJ/CJSee Current Price
$297.99Bestop HighRock 4×4 Narrow Front Bumper w/ 3/4″ D-Ring Mount – Matte BlackYJ/TJ/CJSee Current Price

It’s narrow and rugged with stubby ends for excellent tire clearance and maximum approach angles. It comes with a winch and fair lead attachment with 1″ D-Ring attachments. This is a serious bumper that accommodates Jeepers who are a little more into off road activities on a more frequent basis. One owner reports that this bumper is a little on the heavier side, but thinks it’s justified for the build quality. For those going a little deeper into off the grid areas, this bumper lands at the intersection of great performance and price.

If you’re looking for good affordable Jeep bumpers, this is a decent list to get you started. Use this as a reference while you shop and decide what’s best for you. With a variety of brands and the different functions that these bumpers serve there are more than enough options to consider. Not to mention your own personal preference.

If you’ve recently purchased a new Jeep bumper, tell us which one you chose and why in the comments!