Get it Covered: Jeep Seat Covers

Jeep seat covers are for Jeep owners who use their Jeeps for more than just tooling around the neighborhood. Sure, they can update the look, cover over some wear on a seat, but Jeep seat covers can do more than that. If you run your Jeep for any length of time without the top on, or if you take your Jeep off road regularly, then one of the most vulnerable parts on your ride are the seats. Dirt, mud, rain, and other types of mess can, and will, find its way to the interior of your Jeep. Better still, if your Jeep is still factory fresh, then covering the seats will keep them looking good even after many years of your derriere sitting on it. Sadly, not all Jeep seat covers are created equally. Telling a good one from a bad one can be difficult. Like most things with Jeeps, picking a good seat cover boils down to function and style. What do you need it for, and what do you want it to be able to do (within reason)?

What Do You Need the Jeep Seat Covers For?

Jeep seat covers come in a wide range of styles and colors, but more importantly are their function. Many seat covers, like the Bartact covers, not only protect your seat, but they have additional storage pockets. Covers aren’t just limited to seats, either. Your tailgate can get into the game, with the same types of pockets to take your storage game up a level. If you do a lot of off-roading near water, then you can actually get seat covers that are waterproof. The Trek Armor Supreme makes a great front seat cover that is waterproof and has zippered pockets. Smittybilt also makes a neoprene seat cover that fits a TJ, and wicks away moisture, so if you like to trek out into hot muggy locations, you won’t end up sitting in a puddle of your own juices. The breathable neoprene in this particular Jeep seat cover is all about comfort. Some seat covers are made out of towel material for after the beach or pool.

Jeep Seat Covers and Maintenance

Unlike stock Jeep seats, which pretty much hold the dirt and stains, a Jeep seat cover can be washed. Most of them can be cleaned with just a little light wipe down, while others can be tossed into a washer (though not a dryer). Jeep seat covers are easier to maintain than the original stock seats, and if you use your Jeep for more than weekend antics, then having seat protection makes cleaning up spills from friends and family easy enough to deal with.

Jeep Seat Covers and Personalization

Let’s face it, Jeep seat covers are an inexpensive way to customize your ride. Jeep seat covers come in a wide range of colors, from two-tone to solid, as well as patterns. Some seat covers have a very tight fit so that they won’t shift when you are going over rough terrain and are sloshing around on the seat, while others have a looser fit. Finding the right Jeep seat cover can quickly and easily add to the overall personalized look, and functionality, of your ride.