Ever hear of a Dual Top Option?

What Do I Do with Two Tops?

Have you ever purchased a Jeep that came with both a hard top and soft top installed? These are called dual top option Jeeps. New unsuspecting Jeepers might call that a good purchase, while others might just be annoyed with having to deal with the soft top being rolled down and taking up space in the rear. They don’t realize value! Be kind, not everyone knows everything about Jeeps right out of the box. We all have to learn as we go. Uninformed owners who come across this scenario typically ask whether they’ll gain storage space by removing the soft top. Others think they’ll have to pay to have it removed. But we know better.

As we see it, you have two options:

  • Take the hard top off and ride around with the soft top (don't forget to store the hard top). 
  • Take off the hard top, remove the soft top, and replace the hard top.

While both options sound like a lot of work, they both come with benefits. Either way, a little bit of work will be required. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to cost you anything, especially if you have a few tools and a friend to help.

It should be noted that whatever your decision is, you should not ride with both installed for longer than is necessary, as damage may occur to the soft top.

Whether you opt to drive around with the hard top covering you or the soft top is entirely up to; weather may play a big factor in your decision making process. However, buying a dual top option Jeep will allow you to put the hard top on during the cold winter months and install the soft top when the weather’s nice. That’s just one of the reasons we love our Jeeps.