You know you want good parts. We know that too. One way to choose the better parts for your Jeep is by brand name. When you open a parts box, you expect it to be the brand you ordered. If you ordered specific name brand product, a knockoff is no substitute. Sure, maybe the price was too good to pass up. However, have you been duped?

Fake Weber Carburetor

One part that has recently come into play with this sort of problem are Weber Carburetors, or should we say -- Fake Weber Carburetors. Now at Morris 4x4 Center, we sell genuine Weber Carburetors. That means your carb will in a Redline box (Note: Redline is the only company that distributes Weber Carbs in America) Period.

Here's a quick test to make sure you were listening. It can only be a real Weber Carburetor if it is in a ________ box. If you answered "Redline" you are correct!

Real Weber Carburetors have been manufactured in Spain for decades.  There are Webers for cars, trucks, bikes, race cars, just about anything with wheels. Webers are known all over the world - their reputation is second to none. Other companies may "claim" they make and sell Webers. However, you may be receiving a Fake Weber Carburetor. So just because the carb “looks” like a Weber, that’s not always the case. It could be made anywhere, even China.

Will the Real Weber Carburetor Please Stand Up?

Want to make sure the Weber carburetor you have or are planning on purchasing is genuine?

Here are some tips:

  • Check that the Carburetor has the large “W” cast into it.
  • Check for a “Made in Spain” stamp
  • Some of the individual components on the carburetor will be stamped or marked with Weber so check for that as well.
Fake Weber Carburetor

Why do we bring this up? Because we want you to know that we only sell real Weber Carbs to our Customers. No knockoffs or fakes. And we want our Customers to be aware of the look-a-likes on the market, and guard your wallets. If you trust the Weber name, and you want to get a genuine Weber product, we’ve got you covered.

Have you ever been a subject of a fake carburetor scam?