How to Select the Perfect Towing and Hitch Accessories

For aftermarket accessories, one of the first things many drivers consider is the trailer hitch. Many vehicles, particularly 4x4s, already leave the factory with some sort of trailer hitch attachment and a promised towing capability. To not make use of this feature in some form or another would be an almost criminal waste; no matter what sorts of activities you get into on your free time, your hitch can be put to work to make your life easier.

The most obvious use for a trailer hitch is for towing. For your trailer, you will want to have the proper ball head attached to your hitch. If you have multiple trailers, all with different sized hitches, you may choose to make your life a lot easier by attaching a multi-sized ball hitch.

Even if you choose not to use your hitch for towing, there are many more ways to make use of it. For added cargo room, you can attach a cargo basket to your hitch, which can come in handy for camping trips or weekends at the flea market. Another popular use is as a way to keep bagged game from messing up your interior on hunting trips.

If you need a way to carry your bikes and don’t want to bother with climbing up to attach them to your roof racks, there are a number of manufacturers who make excellent trailer hitch bike racks in a number of different configurations. However, if you prefer to make use of your roof rack, you can also turn your hitch into a handy step up to make accessing the roof easier.

No matter what the outdoor pursuit, you can find a trailer hitch accessory to help you pursue your goals. The best part? You don’t have to stop at one; you can get any and every accessory to mix and match for whatever the event calls for.