How to Install the Teraflex 1.5" Lift Kit on a Jeep Renegade

Jeep Renegades are a great size for doing most things, with one exception. The tires that are factory issued are not up to the task. You’d think that manufacturers would have realized long ago that Jeep owners like to get muddy and spin around in the dirt, just for fun. The Renegade is game, but its tires, with their thin sidewalls and laughable tread won’t cut it. With the new Teraflex 1.5” lift, you can purchase tires that are 2” taller than stock that will allow you to truly outfit your Renegade to play with the big boys. Find out how easy it actually is to install this lift kit.

You are going to need a few tools:

• Teraflex Renegade 1.5" Lift Kit

• E-14, E-16, E-18, E-20 Reverse Torx Socket

• 10, 13, 16, 17, 18, 22mm Socket & Wrench

• 7/16" Socket

• Torx T-40 Bit

• 1/2" Drive Ratchet

• 3/8" Drive Ratchet Extension

• 3/8" Drive Ratchet

• 3 lb. Hammer

• Flathead Screwdriver

• Needle Nose Pliers

• Phillips Screwdriver

• Vice Grips

• Panel Trim Pry Tool

• Pry Bar

• Flat File

• Angle Grinder w/ Cutoff Wheel

Floor Jack

• Wheel Chocks

• (2) Jack Stands

• Black frame paint

• Marker

To Install:

Step One: Park your Jeep on level ground and put on the parking brake, then open the hood and take off the windshield caps over the retaining nuts. Using the 174mm socket, take off the nuts holding the windshield wipers. Before you remove the windshield wiper, take the grease pencil and mark where the wipers were, then take them off the splined stud. You may have to wiggle it a little to get it to work free. When you have it off, mark where the wiper arms were so you can put them back on later.

Step Two: Find the three push tables that hold the cowl in place, then take them off using a flathead screwdriver (to lift up the locking pin). Using a panel trim pry tool, take off the three push tabs. The other push tabs are located on each side of the cowl cover, so remove those as well and take the pins out. Take the cowl off and set it to one side.

Step Three: Take a floor jack and some stands, as well as some wheel chocks and lift the front of your Jeep until the tires are off of the ground and resting on the jack stands. Make sure the stands are placed under the frame rails a little behind the front tires.

Step Four: Take the 17mm socket, again, and remove the lug bolts holding the front wheels onto the Jeep. Then take off the wheels, and put them under the frame rails in case the stands should fall. (added safety precaution)

Step Five: Take off the sway bar link that is on the strut from the driver’s side. Use the Torx T40 to hold the stud in place then use the 18mm wrench to take off the nut. Next, using the 17mmsocket, loosen the nut holding the tie-rod to the steering knuckle, but don’t take it off.

Step Six: You are going to hit the end of the sterling knuckle with the 3lb hammer. This helps to ring out the tapered studs. This should also help to free it, so remove the nut, then rotate the tie-rod out of the way.

Step Seven: Using the Torx T40 and the 18mm wrench, take off the sway bar link from the sway bar arm.

Step Eight: Using needle nose pliers, take off the spring clip that is holding the brake line to the mount, which should be located on the strut body. Pull the brake line free.

Step Nine: Take off the speed sensor from the struct, then using the E-18 Torx socket, as well as the 16mm box wrench, take off the two bolts that are holding the strut to the steering knuckle. You should use a floor jack to give additional support to the bottom of the steering knuckle assembly to keep from damaging the CV joints.

Step Ten: Take the E-14 Torx and put on the ratchet extension. Using this take off the three additional bolts that are holding the strut onto your Jeep. Take the strut off.

Step Eleven: Put the red thread lock onto the threads of the stud extenders that you will find provided in the Teraflex kit. Then, using a 16mm wrench, install them onto the top part of the strut assembly.

Step Twelve: Put the spacer on top of the strut assembly, then reinstall the strut assembly onto the Jeep and tighten the bolts just enough to hold everything in place. Using the factory bolts, secure the strut assembly to the steering knuckle. Make sure to tighten them to 90 lbs of torque using the E-18 Torx and the 16mm socket wrench.

Step Thirteen: Tighten the three upper strut bolts using the E-14 Torx to 70 lbs of torque. Reconnect the speed sensor wires to the strut, then the brake lines making sure to use the factory retaining spring.

Step Fourteen: Install the new sway bar link onto the sway arm using the 18mm and 17mm wrenches to hold the studs in place and to fasten the nut. Reinstall the tie-rod using the factory nut and the 17 mm socket. Make sure it is tightened to 75.

Step Fifteen: Do the same process to the other side, then lower your Jeep to the ground.

Step Sixteen: Put the cowl cover back on and secure it in place using the push pins (3), and the two(2) for the sides.

Step Seventeen: Line up the windshield wiper arms to the marks you make on the studs (aren’t you glad you did??) and reinstall the wipers making sure to put the plastic caps over the nuts.

Step Eighteen: Remove the four nuts that hold your carrier bearing skid plate, then locate the round spacers (should be two of them) and the 10 mm bolts with washers which come with the kit.

Step Nineteen: Use the E-14 to loosen both, but only remove one, of the carrier bearing bolts. Slip one spacer in between the carrier bearing bracket and the bottom, then tighten the bracket in place using the 10mm bot and washer. Repeat with the other one.

Step Twenty: Chock the front wheels, then lift the end of the Renegade until the tires are off the ground, then place the jack stands. Take the 17mm socket, take off the lug bolts on the tires. Find the two spacers (look rectangular), as well as the 8mm bolts (should be two of them).

Step Twenty-One: Take the muffler off using the 13mm socket with the ratchet extension. There should be a bolt holding it onto the bottom of the Jeep. Slide a spacer onto the muffler hanger bracket topside, then secure it with the bolt and washer from the kit. Use the 13mm socket to make it easier.

Step Twenty-Two: Do it all again on the passenger side.