Jeep Cherokee XJ Fluid Capacities and Type

Extend the life of your Jeep XJ and its parts by simply maintaining the fluid levels in it. Making a point of maintaining fluid levels can go a long way to preventing damage before it has a chance to occur. In the long run, you will pay less to maintain your XJ than you would if you had to repair a damaged part that could have been avoided. Keeping the fluids at the proper levels will ensure that your Jeep continues to operate at peak performance, year after year. If you like to do the fluid service chores yourself (most are simple to do), then you will have to make sure you are getting the correct types of fluids for your year, make and model of XJ. The provided chart will help you to easily access the information about fluids, lubes, and other service information for your XJ. While your owner’s manual can fine tune the process, our chart does make for a quick reference guide.