Jeep Cherokee XJ Fuel Service Information

If you want to keep your Jeep Cherokee XJ crawling rocks for years to come, then some necessary maintenance is required. Fuel service maintenance is crucial to preventing damage to the engine. Using the wrong oil, filters, or transmission fluids can result in lowered performance, or worse yet, cause major damage to the engine. Use the chart below to find out the right type of oil, filter, and fuel to use in your XJ. While some models can get by fine on lower octane, some may not. Some XJs may be able to handle a lower viscosity oil, and others cannot. In general, unless otherwise indicated, additives are not recommended. Not all makes and models of XJ use the same parts and servicing components, so one size does not fit all where fuel service maintenance is concerned. The following chart will indicate the fuel service information that you will need for your XJ in order to keep your Cherokee taking you new places for years to come.