Jeep Cherokee XJ Spark Plug Specifications

Maintaining your Jeep Cherokee XJ spark plugs is vitally important if you want your Jeep to continue to tackle anything you throw at it. Spark plugs create an electrical current that is used to combust the fuel and make your Jeep move. The 4.0L six cylinder and the 4.7L V-8s use a resistor type of spark plug. The V-8 has eight individually fired coils for each spark plug. The ignition coil in these spark plugs is not oil filled. Spark plug cables are not needed for these. Sometimes there is a variance from one year to the next where parts are concerned. Spark plugs can go bad for a number of reasons, but if your Jeep has seemed sluggish, or nonresponsive, it could be that the spark plugs are fouled. Never attempt to clean the 4.7L plugs that are used on the H.O. engine as you could damage the platinum rivet. The following chart will show you which type of spark plug you will need for your year XJ.