10,000 Units of The Jeep Compass Sold in Just 4 Months              

When it comes to affordability without loss of style and features, the Jeep Compass delivers. This may be why nearly 10,000 units of the newest addition to the Jeep lineup were sold in just four months. So why is it so hot? It’s the perfect combination of both the Renegade’s undercarriage and the rugged style of the Cherokee features and components. Jeep is so certain that it will do well (and they are off to a good start) that they are building it in four different countries and are selling it all around the world. Here’s what makes it a great addition to the Jeep family.

Off-Road and Game for its Size

The Compass comes in a Sport, Limited and Latitude model, and all sit fairly low to the ground. The design includes lowered bumpers so that the airflow is maximized, increasing efficiency to the engine. If you plan to take your Compass offroad, you’ll need to upgrade the tires (don’t we all usually have to anyway?) or opt for the Trailhawk. The Trailhawk have better departure and approach angles, a higher 1” lift (for a total of 8.5 inches) and additional traction features. Rumors say it is like a little billy goat on the rocks.

Be Careful and Get the Right 2017 Model

In the U.S. market the Compass 2016 was often sold as the 2017 at the end of the year. This makes it very confusing for U.S. buyers. The actual new 2017 Compass, the one that is selling like gangbusters, bears the same name, so if you are interested in the new version, you’ll have to be specific about it. Though it’s coming out in 2018, it will still be called the 2017 Compass, just to make it even more confusing. This was done by the Jeep marketers so that there would be a standardization with global products.