Jeep sales experienced a bumpy ride of their own last year, as sales surged and dipped over the duration of one of Jeep’s craziest years to date. Although Jeeps are known to handle bumpy rides with ease, its sales are typically smoother, with an upward incline being the trend. Contrasting the brand’s start-of-year surge, the company ended the 2017 sales year 11% below the previous year.

Despite the overall 11% decrease in sales, some of the vehicles under the Jeep umbrella experienced a rise in sales. For instance, the Compass sales increased by 10%, and the Grand Cherokee increased by 2%. Of all the vehicles offered by Jeep, the Grand Cherokee was the only model to achieve year over year growth. And although the Wrangler is the most popular vehicle in the Jeep lineup, the model took a hit with a 1% decrease in sales for the year.

Jeep moved 828,522 units over 2017, which is nothing to scoff at; however, they moved 83,159 in 2016. Some of the decrease was expected, as Jeep lovers are waiting for the JL Wrangler to make its way onto the sales floor. They’re not going to have to wait too long though!