Jeep WJ Fuel Service Information

Jeep WJs need to have their engine oil and fuel components maintained at the correct levels. The best time to check the oil level is five minutes after the engine has been shut off. The chart below indicates the type of oil that should be used, as well as the ratings. Do not overfill or underfill as this can damage the crankcase or lower the performance of your engine. Fuel servicing should include unleaded fuels at the lowest rating allowable. Higher octane fuels may overwork your engine, and those fuels that have ethanol in them may confuse sensors. Synthetic oils can be used if the oil quality requirements are met and maintenance intervals are still followed. Do not use any types of additives, and only use high quality filters. The following chart offers information on fuel service maintenance, required components for the fuel service, and types of fuel recommended. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for replacement parts, and viscosity ratings.