Mirror, Mirror on my Jeep

While there’s no magic Jeep mirror that you can buy that will do everything, there are some interesting new innovations that have come along that make replacing your mirrors something to consider. Quick release mirrors, new tech for allowing you to relocate mirrors, off-road mirrors built to withstand heavy duty punishment, are just a few of the new bag of tricks that manufacturers have rolled out. Most JK Wranglers, as well as other Jeep types, roll off the factory floor with standard door and mirror components. But what if you want to take the doors off? There go your mirrors. Visibility is crucial, both on-road and off-road, and without the ability to see you’re crippled. Drive without them on the regular roads and you’re looking at a ticket. Selecting a mirror that offers functionality, style, and affordability are key factors when it comes to getting a Jeep mirror that can deliver on its promises.

Door Mirrors for Jeeps

Door mirrors that are a part of your factory standard are not, as a general rule, removable. So, when you take off your door to let the good times roll, you have to install mirrors. There are several types of door mirrors that are universal and will bolt to either the left or right side of your JK using set screws.  You can also get these in quick release types, like the Rugged Ridge brand, so that if you are off-road and decide that there are some sizeable rocks that need to be climbed, you can take the mirrors off to protect them. Better still, get a mirror kit, like the Body Armor Mirror Kit, that folds in when you decide to tackle difficult terrain.

With door mirrors you will also have many options for how you can position them, adjust them, the design, as well as whether they are single or multi-focused mirrors. Most mirrors are sold as pairs, but you can purchase some mirrors as singles, especially if you want a specialty mirror for your driver’s side that offers multi-distance capabilities.

Door Hinge Mirrors for Jeeps

Door hinge mirrors clip onto the hinges after you’ve taken the doors off. Most door hinge mirrors come with installation kits, but are very specific to the Jeep model. Take the time to make sure that the hinge mirror you are interested in will actually be able to be attached to your hinge.

Windshield Hinge Mirrors for Jeeps

Jeep windshield hinge mirrors are another option for installing mirrors when you’ve taken your doors off. These clip onto the windshield frame, such as the Rugged Ridge Quick Release, and can be taken off when you no longer need them, or have put the doors back on. Most come with additional safety features to make sure that they stay on when off-roading.

Mirror Relocation Brackets

Mirror relocation brackets can allow you to put mirrors wherever you feel like it on your Jeep. The brackets let you install the mirrors, often using the stock bolt holes. A good example of this is the Rugged Ridge Mirror Relocation Brackets that use the holes on the windshield frame. The best thing about this is that you can even use them when you put the doors back on.