Tried and True Security Solutions

Sometimes pressing the lock button on your key fob twice simply doesn’t feel secure enough to keep your baby or its contents safe. If you have valuables, as you likely would on a road trip, you may want to do more than simply stow your laptop, wallet, electronics, or firearms beneath seats or under blankets and hope nobody of ill reputation spots them when you step away from your Jeep. To conquer this problem, Morris 4x4 offers a wide variety of locking storage solutions which can be installed in any location you desire.

For storage on the smaller side, a locking glove box or center console could be the solution for you. These are perfect for the normal things you want to keep locked up, like daily carry items and cash. If you’re worried about losing storage space or a place to set down your coffee mug, don’t be; Morris only offers the best in locking consoles, which means ample room, a clever setup, and more than enough cup holders.

If you’re looking for something on the larger end of the scale, you should consider an under seat or rear hatch lockbox. Under seat lockboxes are beneficial because they utilize space that would otherwise be left completely unused. This is particularly true of rear bench seats, where the storage space can be substantial with the installation of an aftermarket lockbox. For storage of tools or camping supplies, or anything else you may want accessible from the rear, the installation of a rear hatch safe can be a great solution for you. These can be simple open shelving or utilize a roll-out design to give you more options for whatever your storage needs require.

Just because you drive a Wrangler and don’t have the space for a huge truck bed lockbox doesn’t have to mean you have nowhere to store your valuables safely. Shopping Morris 4x4, which provides some of the best locking storage solutions on the market, your storage problems will soon be a thing of the past.