Snow plows and added parts – Does anyone actually use them?

The versatility of the Jeep means that there is a world of possibilities when it comes to customization, accessories, and functional tools that can be added onto the vehicle. But are they all worth the time and money it takes to install them? Snow plows for Jeeps offer owners the ability to use their Jeep’s capabilities in another way, but as with most aftermarket equipment and parts, you have to make adjustments to your Jeep which will allow you to safely use them without blowing out your transmission or axles.

Does Anyone Really Use the Jeep Snowplow Attachment?

The short answer is “Yes”, in areas of the U.S. where snowfall occurs. Most snowplows are used by Jeep owners who have a sizeable driveway that fills up with snow, making driving through it (even with a Jeep) nearly impossible. Snow plows come with a kit that has all of the necessary fasteners, but if you are driving an automatic Jeep, then you will have to take precautions to protect your transmission. You can do this by getting an external cooler for your transmission, and installing a fan.

Considering Cost-to-Use Ratios for Jeep Snowplows

If you will have significant snowfall in your area, then the Jeep snowplow will most definitely be worth it to you. The investment in reinforcing your Jeep body frame, and axles may be worth it, especially if snow removal is not reliable in your area. The key is to select the added part for your Jeep that will put the least amount of stress on the entire vehicle. Snowplows come in high grade powder coated metals, but for lighter duty, consider something like the SnowBear Elite Series that offers a light duty sweeper that will push the snow out of the way without taxing your engine like the heavier plows will.  Keep in mind that you will also need to purchase added parts such as scrapers, skid shoes, caster kits, jack stands, deflector kits, and steel scrapers. Many Jeep owners also put in additional protection to keep the plow from causing cosmetic damage to the paint job. Unless you are plowing something the size of a parking lot, then chances are you should invest in a 7-7.6 straight blade, and the effectiveness is almost as good as the types of snowplows that you see on smaller pickup trucks. In the end, you have to weigh all of the effort in outfitting your Jeep with the potential for stressing the engine against how much use you will get out of the plow.

Commercial Use for Jeep Snowplows

If you are considering using your Jeep to plow roads for your city or town, then the additional parts and upgrades are a must. There is a vast difference between a plow that you will use to shove snow off of your driveway, and doing it commercially. Many smaller municipalities do contract out snow removal during the winter seasons, but you will have to consider very carefully the return on the investment if you decide to take this route.