Nothing Says Freedom like owning a Jeep and exploring the outdoors and beyond. Doing all that while going topless is the pinnacle of owning a Jeep. From Simple Bikini Tops setups to complete aftermarket soft top kits. Having a versatile soft top is key to enjoying your Jeep in any weather and terrain.

What Jeep Soft Top Do You Have On Your Jeep?

It is always best to know your soft top setup. There are simple question you will need to ask yourself when looking to purchase a soft top kit for your Jeep wrangler or CJ.

1) Does my Jeep come with a Hard Top or Soft Top from the factory?
2) Do I have full steel doors or half steel doors from the factory?

*If you have a factory hard top, You will need hardware for your soon to be purchased soft top.
(Example:) If you have a Wrangler TJ hard top and you want half doors, you will need to make sure you get the half doors with rounded edges. This is because Wrangler TJ’s with factory soft tops have squared edged doors from factory.

jeep soft top options

Whether you have half steel doors or full steel doors will narrow the selection for which kits will suit your Jeep. As for you that have Factory soft tops and has existing hardware. Make sure all the hardware you have is good. No missing, bent, or worn out pieces. There are replacement kits, which just replace the soft top fabric and not the hard ware. It is an expensive way to go, if you are just looking to replace your OEM soft top fabric. There are also complete kits with aftermarket hardware that will allow you to have a custom and versatile top.

Replacement Soft Tops (stock or OE hardware)

Complete Aftermarket Soft Top Kits (Including hardware)

If you’re not sure which soft top or hardware is right for you and your Jeep. Give us a call here at Morris 4×4 Center 1-877-553-5337 or check out or new Soft Top Advisor. So we can get you started on the right trail to enjoying your Jeep and the outdoors.