Jeep Storage Solutions

When traversing into the backcountry in your Jeep, space can be at a bit of a premium, particularly when you need to find a way to cram your camping gear, fishing poles, hunting rifles, boots, and tow ropes in every nook and cranny available. Unfortunately, most factory 4x4s just don’t have enough storage space to accommodate off-roaders like yourself. It’s a common problem; one easily rectified through any number of amazing aftermarket additions.

Roof racks: Starting from the top, a sturdy roof rack is the easiest way to make substantial gains in storage space; anything that can be tied down can be stacked within the confines of the roof rack, essentially doubling the amount of room you have to work with.

Hitch racks: Much like the roof rack, a cargo rack installed via the trailer hitch is an easy way to add extra space for your trips, with the added benefit of being easily removed when the trip is over.

Tailgate Storage: There is so much that can be done with a tailgate that it’s amazing there are still people rocking the plain ol’ factory setup. Fold-down shelving makes it easy to find a place to rest your drink on a much-needed break from the trail. If you want something a little more functional, you can attach a tailgate organizer. Or you can customize it from top to bottom with MOLLE webbing covers, which allow you to attach and detach the storage containers of your choice.

Interior Storage: Gun racks and center consoles are the most obvious choices, but did you know you can also install lockboxes under the seats that can be accessed by lifting the cushions?  Even the seats themselves can become storage units with cargo covers that add pockets to the backs and sides.

There really is no limit to what you can do to ramp up the storage ability of even the most rugged Jeep. Your rig is your gateway to the views that are hidden from the rest of the world; don’t let it be hampered by being poorly prepared because you couldn’t find room for your camera.