Summer time is here and where do you store your Jeep Hardtop and Jeep Windows after you remove them? Well Eric will explain to you all the different options you have when it comes to Jeep storage.

Jeep Storage Solutions

Are you ready to put a soft top on your Jeep for the summer months, but aren’t sure how to store your hardtop or doors without damaging them? Eric has some great suggestions for hard top storage.

Hard Top Storage

Lange Originals offers a few solutions for storing hard tops.

Smittybilt has a hardtop hoist that comes with a 1K lb. winch, which can raise the top up to the garage ceiling, and allows for freedom panel storage.

Are you looking to take off your freedom panels without taking off the whole hard top? Try the Mopar Freedom Panel Storage bag with padded layers. Teraflex has mounting freedom panels and door holders. Mount them to your wall for easy storage.

Bestop Hoss Hard Top Storage Cart comes with door storage for up to four doors. Strap it to the hard top, and extract it with the help of a friend. You can easily roll it around once the top is on the cart. The door cart can also hold soft top windows and fits nicely within the hard top storage cart to take up less space. Optional protective covers are available for prolonged storage. 

Soft Top Storage

Not sure where to store your soft top windows when you’ve opted for the bikini look? Try the Teraflex soft top window holder. It comes equipped with velcro so you can use the factory velcro on your soft top windows to store them in an out-of-the-way part of your garage or shed.

Another option is the Welcome Distributing soft top window roll. It rolls all of your windows to keep them safely preserved until you need them again. Easily unroll them and enjoy unscratched or damaged soft top windows for years to come.

Bestop has the Hoss Storage Window Roll, which allows you to layer the windows and roll them up neatly for slim storage. The Rugged Ridge Window Storage bag gets the job done simply with divider layers too.

Storing Half Doors and Full Doors

Storage bags with dividers are available from Mopar, Bestop, Rugged Ridge and other trusted brands.

For full doors, Bestop has full door storage bags to protect all your doors. Steinjager has door storage mounts that use your door’s hinges. Mount them to your wall to keep them out of the way. Lange has a wall-mounted door holder with padded arms to hang doors and keep them from getting damaged. No matter what part of your Jeep you want to store and keep in great shape, we have a selection of solutions for you.