Jeep WJ Fluid Capacities and Type 

Maintaining your Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ fluid levels is one of the most important maintenance tasks you can perform for your Jeep. This is because the various fluids used in your Grand Cherokee WJ keep it running at peak performance, and failure to keep up with the fluids can result not only in suboptimum performance, but it can also begin to damage other systems and parts. While you can use your ATF+4 to top off vehicles that use ATF+2 or +3, this does not work in reverse. You should never fill your ATF+4 with anything other than +4. Using the wrong fluids, especially in transmission fluids can result in erratic shifts, wear and failure, sludge buildup, and slippage. Low fluid means that the pump is able to also take in air which causes fluid pressures to drop. Likewise, if the transmission is filled past capacity, the gears will churn the fluids into a foamy mess, which can cause the same reduced performance. Use the following charts to determine which type of fluids you should be using, and at what capacity.