Jeep WJ Sparkplug Specifications

Spark plugs deliver electrical current from the ignition system in your Jeep to the cylinder in your engine. This allows for ignition of the gasoline. Spark plugs come in many types and sizes, so it is critical to select the specific spark plug for your WJ model, make, and year. All spark plugs have a central electrode that is protected by a porcelain insulator and a metal threaded shell. A spark plug wire connects it to the ignition system.  Using the right spark plug for your Jeep WJ means that you are allowing your engine to work at peak performance ratings. Using the wrong spark plug can lower your fuel efficiency, as well as cause the WJ to run sluggishly, if at all. Many WJ owners find that their Jeep doesn’t run well, even after upgrades have been done to the powertrain. One of the chief culprits can be a spark plug mismatch. You may have to increase the rating and type of spark plug to accommodate the performance upgrades you have made.