Following the recent spotting of a heavily camouflaged 2018 4-door JL cruising through our parking lot, spyshots of the new short wheelbase Wrangler JL were recently released...

Following the recent spotting of a heavily camouflaged 2018 4-door JL cruising through our parking lot, spyshots of the new short wheelbase Wrangler JL were recently released.

Judging by the pair in the photos from the FourWheeler Network article, we’re glad to have concrete confirmation that the 2-door will so closely resemble the 4-door in the shots that have been published.

The front clip is wearing the same black camouflage that we’ve seen all along, but the doors, windows, and rear fenders appear to be in line with the renderings and photos we’ve seen of the Unlimited JL. Still obscured are the door handles and mirrors, but a source close to the project has confirmed at a complete redesign for both.


Wrangler JL 1


As far as choices for tops, these photos show both a hard top and a soft top, and we couldn’t be happier that both will be available.

 Also, as seen in photos of the 4-door version, the windshield and front grill have a bit of a different angle than the JK. This design feature is no doubt due to fuel efficiency and aerodynamics. The fitment of the tops appears to be influenced by the same demands for more miles per gallon.

Though not visible, it has been reported that the JL will have a variety of engine options. These include a turbocharged 2.0L motor, an EcoDiesel V6, as well as the 3.6L Pentastar. Other engines have been discussed, but it is unclear which will be specifically for export vehicles. Jeep is also expected to have a hybrid powertrain in the near future as well.

 The completely redesigned chassis includes some use of aluminum instead of the traditional steel body parts. This will certainly provide a lower curb weight, which will further assist the fuel economy as well as the all-around performance of the new Jeep.

Reports have come in regarding the soft top as well. Expect the new design to be entirely different than the outgoing Wrangler, with ease of use and installation at the forefront of the redesign. Likely due to the immediate response from Bestop’s zipperless tops, the new tops have no zippers as well. Available in both of the same options as the current Wrangler, the fabric is the only thing carrying over to the new JL.

 Production of the new Wrangler JL at Chrysler’s Toledo plant is expected to begin in Q4 of this year, so expect to see these driving around unobscured in the next few months!