Give your stock Jeep fender flares an upgrade with these durable Rugged Ridge thermoplastic Fender Flares with deep style pockets. They come in a Smooth finish and Textured Black finish.

It’s time to talk about the ever-popular Rugged Ridge Hurricane Fender Flares. Many of you are already riding with these flares, as they’re one of the most popular styles we carry. But for those new to the Hurricane flare style, let’s get some introductions out of the way.

Why is the Rugged Ridge Hurricane style different? Their engineers wanted a pocket style fender flare but wanted something unique. So, to give Jeep owners a great look, they made the Hurricane Fender Flares look more like the traditional flat fenders found on the older style military Willys Jeeps from WWII.

They’re extra wide to cover larger tires, and they use two bolts inside molded in “pockets” to attach the fender flare to your Jeep.

Out of the box, Rugged Ridge has included black stainless steel hardware to mount the flares and let you keep the all-black look for your Jeep. To keep the new Hurricane Fender Flares legal and looking good, new side marker lights have been incorporated into them (so you won’t be using your old marker lights).

Rugged Ridge Hurricane Fenders are made from tough thermoplastic material for years of hard use. They are flexible, but also very sturdy. In the sense that getting them whacked with branches or exposed to mud and rocks isn’t going to affect them much, if at all.

With Rugged Ridge Hurricane Fender Flares, once installed, you’re going to get an extra two inches of tire clearance in the front. For the rear, you’ll get one extra inch of clearance. With these flares, you’ll get more room to run larger tires and still be legal (in some states fenders are required by law). The Hurricane fender flares will also help keep mud and rock debris from kicking up all over your Jeep.

Rugged Ridge Hurricane Fender Flares are available for TJ and JK Jeep Wranglers. The TJ flares have a black texture to them, on the JK they are made with both a textured surface or a smooth surface option. The smooth finish allows for the fender flares to be painted to match your Jeep.

By the way, the JK Hurricane Fender Flares are also European compliant because of the side marker lights incorporated on the flares.

For installing the Rugged Ridge Hurricane Fender Flares, you will need to do some minor drilling. While the Hurricane Flares work with your factory front inner fenders, there is some minor trimming involved. Except for those mods (which are normal when installing fender flares), there’s no special fabrication or special tools needed to install them on your Jeep. Note: you will have to splice your factory wiring harness to wire up the side marker lights too, of course.

The Rugged Ridge Hurricane Fender Flares are a great flare to give you Jeep that unique look. The only thing working against that is they are so popular, you see them everywhere. But no other fender flare will give you “the look” and the confidence like the Hurricane Fender Flares. They were born to be used outdoors and will complement your Jeep’s style nicely.