Ready to hit the trails? Then you want to check out the Smittybilt X20 series of waterproof winches.

Whether youíre new to winching, in the market for one, or just want to replace your old tired one, this series has all the features that will give you piece of mind, no matter where you trail.

The Smittybilt X20 Waterproof Winches are available in 10,000, 12,000, 15,500, and 17,500 lbs configurations. Meaning, thereís a size for just about any Jeep or truck, and the pulling power to get the job done.

The X20 Series is sealed against dirt, mud, grime and most of all - water. You can submerge the entire winch underwater up to about three feet, for around 30 minutes. So if youíre trailing in the winter weather (snow, slush, rain) youíre good to go. Smittybilt style.

But Smittybilt hasnít skimped on the power. The X20 uses an amphibious 6.6 HP motor. This allows for increased line speed. It also features a precision machined 3-Stage Planetary Gear System.

To make things easier, the Smittybilt winch includes a Heavy Duty Magnetic Remote System. Allowing for remote control of the winch at a safe distance, or just for convenience. You also get three mounting locations for the IP67-taed waterproof 500 Amp solenoid thatís included.

Tips on Choosing your Smittybilt X20 Waterproof Winch:

Vehicle Fitment - Fitting winches to your bumpers on your Jeep -

Smittybilt winches from 9,500 lbs to 12,000 lbs will fit all the Smittybilt bumpers. Though the winches are clockable too, so they can fit unique bumpers that require the winches to be installed in a facing forward configuration.

What is included?

It can vary a bit depending on the X20 model, but normally - Winch, power and ground cable to run from winch to battery, Roller or aluminum fairlead, Hook, Lanyard, and a Remote on some models. Steel cable in included with the standard series winches.

Does the winch include a mounting plate?

No. However, the bolt pattern is 4.5î x 10î, and we carry several options for your Jeep or truck.

What are the exact dimensions of the cable?

10,000 - Cable: 98.5 3/8 Diameter, 12,000 - Cable: 98.5' 3/8" Diameter, 15,5000 - Rope Size: 98.5' x 7/16", 17,5000 Rope Size: 98.5' x 1/2".

What makes this product better in comparison to others out there:

The IP67 Waterproof rating, and the Warranty, which is the best in the industry. Smittybilt winches are tested and proven in all punishing conditions.

You can't beat the features of the X20 series of underwater winches. If you're going to hit the trails and get to where you want to go, take a winch with you that you can depend on.