Spidertrax Wheel Spacers are well known around the world. From mildly custom Jeeps to those running the King of the Hammers, theyíre known as the best choice for wheel spacers on your Jeep or truck.

Their research and development crews only make top grade parts. There are no second-hand options here - itís the best or nothing. Spidertrax products are made right here in the USA.

Spidertrax Wheel Spacers are double anodized from the factory. This gives them added protection against corrosion and wear. The wheel spacers include new pressed-in wheel studs, as well as new lug nuts, a Spidertrax decal, and a tube of Red Loctite to keep the wheel nuts in place. (Red is the high strength version).

Types of Spidertrax Makes Wheel Spacers

  • Hub Centric
  • Lug Centric

The hub centric versions have a centering ring (lip) machined right into the wheel spacer (so a separate hub centric ring is not required). The Lug Centric wheel spacers are manufactured true so you donít have to worry about vibrations, or whether they will be off center. They will run true.

Spidertrax also makes wheel spacers for vehicles other than Jeeps. Such as:

  • Ford
  • Nissan
  • Suzuki
  • Toyota
  • International Scouts

Now that youíve chosen the best brand of wheel spacers, namely Spidertrax, there are still a few bits of information you will want to know before you purchase a set for your Jeep or truck:

Your Bolt Pattern - If your bolt pattern was, say, 5 x 5.5 - this means you have 5 wheel studs. The second part of the measurement, the 5.5, refers to the measured distance ACROSS the face of the spacer (or center of your wheel) between two wheel studs. If you measure two studs right next to each other, thatís wrong. You need to measure two of them that are across from each other.

The Centerbore - While not a critical measurement, it can help. You can get this by measuring the outside diameter of the hub centric ring on a Hub Centric spacer. If you have a Lug Centric spacer, you do want to measure the inside edge and across the hole.

The Wheel Backspacing - This is the relationship of the hub to the backside of the wheel. The higher the number you measure, the more the wheel will be tucked into the wheel well. The lower the number, and the tire will be moved out from the body and stick out.

The Offset Measurement - This is the relationship to the hub mating surface to the wheel to the centerline of the rim. A ìOî (zero) offset means the hub would be in the center of the wheel, while a ìpositiveî measurement means the center hub is offset in the wheel out towards the front edge of the rim itself. Positive numbers move the tires more into the wheel-well, a negative number moves the tires out from the vehicle.

Common Uses for Spidertrax Wheel Spacers

Aesthetics - Moving the tires out from the body will give you vehicle a wider and more appealing look to it. More than that, if your tires look a bit skinnier under your Jeep, pushing them out to be flush or go past the edge of the fender flares, or the body results in a great aggressive look thatís popular.

Running a rim with a high positive offset or backspacing measurement - This is a case where you might want the tires re-positioned out from the body for a better look. If your Jeep is lifted, the wheel spacers will make the look even more evident, especially if youíve added other accessories, such as extra wide off-road fender flares.

Better handling and stability - By moving the tires out from the body, youíre creating a wider track and a wider stance. This can improve stability, both on the highway and off-road. While trailing the wider track can even help you straddle rough roads and rugged trails better. It may even get your Jeep more places with that extra reach you need for traction and to get a good tire bite.

If youíre using a stock rim with oversized tires - Chances are that while running this combo, you might get some rubbing between the tires and parts on your Jeep, such as control arms, inner fenders, fender flares, or other components. Using a wheel spacer will move the tires outward so they donít rub on those critical parts.

Spidertrax also makes high-quality wheel adapters. So you can adapt one vehicle's bolt pattern to your own pattern. These allow you to run various rim sizes if they arenít for your stock setup. For instance, running JK wheels on a TJ would require a wheel adapter.

Spidertrax Wheel Spacer and Wheel Adapters are available in different thicknesses, from 1.25 up to 1.75. Keep those measurements in mind when choosing your spacer or adapter, and fitting them to your vehicle.

Black Spidertrax Wheel Spacers

By the way, in the video, Eric is holding the blue wheel spacers, but they are also made in black, in case you donít want them to be so visible (through your rims).