Eric and Dennis Woods from Teraflex talk about their great parts and accessories for 4x4s and Jeeps, including shocks, lift kits, and their new Alpine Arms.

The Teraflex Falcon shocks are very popular, and they offer them in different styles, depending on what your off-road needs are. Starting with a monotube shock design, with a 2-1/4 body and a 3/4-inch shaft. Next up is their Reservoir 3.1 Falcon shocks, with an extra reservoir of oil to keep them cooler and working hard, mile after mile on rough terrain. For Teraflex, the oil reservoir is mounted directly to the shock body, so there are no external hoses to worry about.

The Teraflex Falcon Reservoir 3.2 shocks don’t use an external adjustment knob for a sleeker design, resulting in less chance of the knob getting damaged. You can still adjust them, but the change is internal. Typically, the adjustment is from 1 to 3, which changes the valving and firmness of the shock itself.

Eric and Dennis also talk about the new Chief Jeep. The Chief Jeep is a new kit for the JK Wranglers. It makes the Jeep look more traditional with a flashback design to the old Wagoneers and Cherokees. Of course, Teraflex couldn’t leave it alone, and it sports many of their great products.

Teraflex makes a wide variety of things, such as axles, interior accessories, lift kits, just about any part you could want to upgrade your Jeep or 4x4 with.

The Teraflex Nebo Rack installs on the top of your Jeep, but it’s quite strong. It’s even known to help Jeepers remove their hard tops, as it’s filmy in place on the top. It’s a suitable place to attach extra gear to your Jeep for camping or traveling.

The Teraflex Cargo Carrier is handy for your Jeep interior, adding a nice way to pack up your gear and keep it organized. It allows you to store gear you might not need too often below it. But for the stuff you need all the time, the rack keeps those goods up on top within easy reach. It’s also a bolt-on part, using existing holes on your Jeep. So installation is a snap.

The tailgate shelf is quite handy on the rear of your Jeep. It makes good use of space. One version includes a cutting board for cooking out or maybe preparing fish.

Teraflex also just released a new product known as Alpine Arms. These arms are adjustable, so you can continue to use them if you mod or upgrade your lift kit over time. They are also maintenance free, and designed to be quiet (no rattling or other annoying sounds). They help keep your caster correct as well, avoiding any wobble issues later.

Teraflex has a lot to offer. A lot of those goodies will fit and will upgrade your Jeep to an all new level. Check out what their selection of aftermarket Jeep parts here at Morris 4x4 Center.