For almost 70 years now, Warn has been making winches. So it’s no surprise that they’re known in every corner of the planet, in every country. No matter where you trail, from the mountains of Tibet to the deserts of the Sahara, to the deep forests of Oregon - Warn is the winch you want and can depend on.

The Warn Zeon Winch Series

The premium WARN winch line is known as the Zeon series. With a modern sleek look, they have become some of the most popular winches on the market today. They feature a symmetrical design, making them easier to install in tight spaces and bumpers.

On the top of the winch is the solenoid pack. With Zeon models, this can actually be removed to fit the winch into an even tighter space on your bumper (a remote solenoid pack would have to be purchased, but WARN makes those, and we carry them, so you’re covered there).

The Warn Zeon series winches have been updated with even better components and features. The gear set has been updated to a 3 stage planetary system, and the motor has a completely new design for WARN. What does this mean to you? It means faster-winching line speeds and a quieter operating winch.

Warn has also increased the drum diameter. The casing is made from cast aluminum, which acts as a much larger heat sink, giving the Zeon series a lower operating temperature. You can use your Zeon winch with better cycle times, with less chance of overheating.

Warn Zeon Winch Options

The Zeon winches are available in 3 popular sizes:

  • Warn 8,000 lb. Zeon Winch
  • Warn 10,000 lb. Zeon Winch
  • Warn 12,000 lb. Zeon Winch

They come standard with 100 feet of aircraft grade steel cable. But you can order them with Warn’s Spydura Synthetic Rope as well.

With the Spydura Rope options, the 8,000 lb. winch has 100 feet of 5/16 synthetic rope, and the 10,000 lb. winch has 100 feet of 3/8 synthetic rope. The 12,000 lb. winch has Warn’s Spydura Pro Synthetic Rope, which is a little bit thicker, so the spool only holds 80 feet of rope.

Warn Zeon Winch Chart

Just as a note, if you do order a Warn Zeon winch with the synthetic rope option, you will have to spool the rope onto the winch yourself once you receive it (on the standard winches, the cable is already spooled by from the factory).

All the Warn Zeon Winches have the IP68 rating. Meaning, you can submerge the winch in 5 feet of water for up to 30 minutes without any water intrusion inside. Of course, it’s also dust, mud and dirt proof, so you can readily trail just about anywhere you want, and the WARN Zeon winch is ready to go there with you.

Another cool feature with the Zeon winches is the remote control. It’s made of metal, so it’s tough, but it’s also contained in a rubber covering for even more protection. You can drop it, step on it, slap it in the mud ... it’s ok.

WARN backs the Zeon Winches with a Limited Lifetime Mechanical Warranty. Along with a 7-year Electrical Warranty.

You can’t go wrong with the Warn Zeon winch series. There are plenty of added benefits without any drawbacks to using one of the best winches to ever be put on the market.