Redline is the only official distributor of Weber carburetors in America. The real deal. Weber Carburetors are a very modern upgrade to Jeeps, particularly for CJ models from 1972 to 1990. (Kits are available for the 232-258 Inline 6, and the 2.8 V6). Wranglers, Cherokees, and Wagoneers can benefit from a Weber Carb kit too.

The flagship carburetor to use is the Redline 38/38 DGES Series. As with all Webers, these carburetors are manufactured from years of testing and engineering with on-road Jeeps, as well as off-road racing vehicles. Dependability is a top priority, and the Weber DGES meets that challenge head on.

There are a variety of different Weber Carbs and rebuild kits for various Jeep years and engines, from 1941 to 2001. If you've installed a Weber carburetor on a Jeep, it could be for different engines as well, including the Willys MB with a 2.2L to a Jeep YJ with a 4.2L. There are quite a few options for Jeep owners. Whether you're repairing a carb or installing a brand new conversion kit, Weber Carbs makes what you need.

You can use these carbs on a stock Jeep, but some models have been designed to work on hopped up engines as well. They are very peppy, with improvements in torque and horsepower.

For daily drivers, the carbs have been made to be easy to install and maintain. They are versatile, give you excellent drivability, and of course, reliability. The Weber Carbs also have a power valve circuit to facilitate low vacuum running conditions.

Even though they are primarily only a 2-barrel Synchronous Carb, each barrel has its idle jet and mixture screw; they are 400 CFM. They are precalibrated in the box (using a sea level setting as a baseline), and made just to be bolted on (adaptors are used to fit the particular intake manifold you have).

Since these Weber Carbs are sold as a kit, thereís linkage to adjust a throttle cable or rod linkage to the carb. A new chrome air cleaner housing is included, with a washable filter to protect your new carb.