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Welcome to the Jeep family! You just bought a new Jeep fresh off the lot, and you're probably thinking you're ready for the Jeep life, but wait. There's a few things you may want to touch on so you won't be that one family member no one wants to hang with. You know, like that weird aunt that used to work for the circus. Owning a Jeep is not like owning an econo-box, or the average run of the mill POS. You've just become a member of an elite few, the ones that eat, sleep and dream Jeeps. It's a lifestyle. Sometimes it's a casual life, sometimes it's hardcore, but whatever kind of Jeeper you are, let's touch on some of things that go hand in hand with owning a Jeep.

1. Learn the "Jeep Wave"

No, that's not the one with the single digit finger. The Jeep wave is a gesture that you use to acknowledge that the Jeeper you're just about to pass is just as cool as you are. And to state that yeah, it's a Jeep Thing. It's all good. You can give a wave, or a nice hand gesture, as long as it's visible. Practice makes perfect, so use often in your driving.

Jeep wave

2. Face It, You Have A Jeep Addiction

Suddenly, your whole life, your whole universe, revolves around your Jeep. You can't take your eyes off it. You check it in the middle of the night. Then you start looking at other Jeeps, and seeing parts you like on those Jeeps, parts that you just have to have. The next thing you know, you have Morris 4x4 Center on speed dial with your phone, you get their Newsletter on every device you own to stay on top of the latest deals and fresh new products, and you run out side with excitement  every time a UPS truck drives down your street. It all starts out with something simple like a trim part for the interior. Then it's a bikini top. The next thing you know, you're installing a 3 inch lift, huge tires, and rock sliders. Oh, the Warn winch is on sale? Gotta have it ! Face it, you're addicted. Say goodbye to your bank accounts.

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3. Don't Worry, Your Jeep is the Very Best Jeep Model To Have

The Jeep you own, the model you bought, the model you have, is the real Jeep. The right Jeep. You know it's yours. You chose wisely. And that's all you need to know because those OTHER Jeeps, well, they're the black sheep of the family. The oddballs. The square peg for the round hole. They can't possibly want to to run with your pack, right? Say hello to the Jeep model rivals. It's all the same Jeep family, but that red-headed step child there with the square headlights? That's the YJ. That big Jeep over there that can't take it's top off? That's a Cherokee. And that new looking JK? That's pretty much what they call a 'station wagon'. There are some rivalries between the different types but it's all in fun. Just stick to your posse and you'll be fine.

Jeep rivalry

4. You Now Have Many New Friends and Jeep Attention

Now that you've got a Jeep, everyone wants to be your friend. Why? Because secretly, most people want a Jeep, even though they don't own one. Hitting a trail? Suddenly everyone wants to go for a ride, for you are the new super star, the talk of the town. Good luck just seems to come your way. You look cooler, feel better, and with the top down, you're the best looking thing riding around. Get used to it.

Jeep Celebrity

5. You Need Jeep Security

When you own a Jeep, gone are the days of just leaving things in your vehicle. An exception might be a hardtop, but for most Jeep's it's no top or a soft top. You'll want to check out some of the products that can help secure items in your Jeep. Tuffy comes to mind, as well as Bestop. Many companies offer security boxes to keep items safe if you are out of your Jeep, or just give you a peace of mind.

Jeep Security

6. You'll Learn About Jeep Broke Syndrome (Also Known As My Jeep Is Broke, Also Known As, I'm Now Broke)

If you don't break you Jeep once in a while out on the trail, you're probably not having enough fun. They were meant to be in the great out doors, they take to mud like fat sow on a hot sunny day, and they were designed to tackle obstacles others would avoid like a plague. So get ready to get real familiar with every part on your Jeep, from bumper to bumper. It's totally a Jeep thing. But in a good way. What better reason is there to upgrade? Broke a spring? Get a tougher one! Not enough lift at that last trail event? Install a bigger lift kit. Someone has a Jeep with more off road accessories than yours? Oh hell no! Get ready to drain that bank account ...

Jeep JK parts

7. Join A Jeep Club

Chances are there's a club in your area. This is a good way to find some new local Jeep friends. They can help with any questions you have about your new Jeep, and often travel in packs. They trail together, watch out for each other, and can be a lot of fun. You should never trail alone, and a local Jeep club will give you, your family, and kids, chances to experience life outdoors. Memories they will never forget. There are also Jeep folks you can hook up with on Facebook, Meetups, or other social web sites to meet even more Jeep fans.


8. Wrangler Death Wobble

The Death Wobble is sometimes a specific problem with a Jeep, but in fact, it can happen with any 4X4, especially it's been modified. There are a lot of separate components to the front suspension on a vehicle. Throw in a lift kit, big tires, a sprinkling of special parts and modifications, and you have a recipe for a Death Wobble. It's a case where, usually at a certain speed, the front wheels wobble from vibration. Trying to get all those front end parts to play nice together isn't easy, and it only takes one to throw a wrench into it all. The best way to avoid the wobble is to use a shop that specializes in Jeeps or 4X4s to modify your Jeep. Make sure any stock parts left bolted on are up to the task. Many times, they aren't. In the end, it usually comes down to check every part one at a time till you find out the one part that's giving you trouble.

jeep Death Wobble

9. Jeep Events: An Important Part of Jeep Life

These usually give you a chance to hook up with other Jeepers from just about everywhere. They often have obstacle courses, off road trails, parts vendors, Jeep shows, all kinds of things to accent your new Jeep life. They are the perfect chance to drive your Jeep in a safe manner and have a lot of fun doing it. Some popular events across the USA are the Jeep Jamborees. They typically have obstacle course, trails to try out your Jeep on, and just enjoy the Jeeplife.

Jeep Events

10. Jeep Gas Mileage (As In, What Gas Mileage??)

Seriously, that's not why you bought a Jeep. You're an adventurer! You chose a Jeep to go places others can't follow! You were born to LEAD! Gas mileage is over rated. Saving a few dollars on fuel can't compare to the taking to the trails and seeing mother nature first hand. Seeing mountains, lakes, high blue skies, wildlife, real things that are important to you. The few dollars you save on gas won't fill your life with the memories of a lifetime.
jeep gas mileage
This is just a quick fun list to touch on some of the more common things. Once you hook up with other Jeepers, they'll  have good ideas on tackling some of these topics, and that's the best thing, as a group, it's all about helping others. Welcome to the Jeep family! and don't forget that we have a great Team ready to help you anytime, to get you the right parts the first time, from your favorite place to shop, Morris 4X4 Center!