Smittybilt jeep security Owning a great Jeep means an investment of time, sweat and money. The last thing you need is someone disrespecting your ride, and trying to mess with it. That's why at Morris 4x4 Center, we carry some products to help you protect what you have. Most Jeeps are somewhat open, often with no outside cab for protection. And that's just one of  the reasons why they're so popular. But that also means it's not easy making sure whatever is in your Jeep, or on your Jeep, stays there. Until you say otherwise. Let's break it down to some of the most popular locking products: 1. Lock Boxes - These typically are flat shaped. They fit under a seat, out of the way, and out of sight. We carry the in Tuffy or Bestop, and Smittybilt. 42640-01_Lockbox3 2. Door Locks - External door lockers provide theft protection for otherwise vulnerable Jeep hard doors. The door locker function is to prevent doors from being lifted off. The locks allows only the owner to unlock and remove doors. We carry these in the Tuffy brand and in McGuard. 71uV9DQyOqL._SL1500_ 3. Roof Rack Lock Box - These types of lock boxes mount on your roof rack. It allows you store gear safely inside, rather than inside the interior or back storage area. We carry these in the Tuffy brand. We also carry MOPAR Cargo Boxes. 154_01 4. Misc Universal Security Lock Boxes - These are boxes that are universal, and can be mounted almost anywhere. These are designed with various shapes and sizes  to protect almost anything, such as laptops, CD Changers, tools, etc. We carry these in brands such as Tuffy. locker-182-01-a2_898 5.  Center Consoles - We carry center consoles that can have locks, some made from steel. For instance, we carry this one from Bestop, and some others from Tuffy, and Rugged Ridge. The thing to look for is the steel construction when possible. (though not all of them are made that way). bestop-interior-console-lock-box-42643-01_1_5566 6. Security Deck Enclosure - This allows you to store quite a bit of gear, but safely. It also places it out of sight. We carry these in the Tuffy brand and another Storage Vault version from Smittybilt. Bestop also offers an Instatrunk, made from heavy duty 16 gauge steel. untitled-1_5_25_2338 7. Locking Fuel / Gas Cap - With the price of gas, how can you go without one? We carry a few choices, but the Drake Offroad locking fuel cap is probably one of our best selling ones. And it looks good too. However, we carry these by other leading parts companies such as Rugged Ridge, Realwheels, and MOPAR. rugged-ridge-fuel-door-cover-11229.03-sk_2769 8. Locking Hood Latches - We carry a variety of ways to lock your hood shut. These often cost much less than a new battery, or any other expensive parts you need to protect. We carry them from Rough Trail PartsRugged Ridge, and Rampage. hood-latch-7591_1527 9. Wheel Locks - These are the best at protecting your wheels, and especially the tires. We carry them in McGuard, Mopar, and Rugged Ridge. mcgard_cone_seat_lug_nut_wheel_locks_lug_nut_styles 10. Cables & Cable Locks - These can be used to lock a piece of equipment or tools up to your Jeep, preferably to the roll bar. Such as a generator, air compressor, etc. We carry these in Trimax. _1338804507 11. Trailer Security Parts - We also carry security products for your trailer or trail bike. These are made by Trimax. Products such as wheel / tire locks, hitch and coupler locks, pad locks and u-locks, and trailer door locks. 12. Spare Tire Locks - The spare tire is usually one of the first things to "disappear". But you can protect them. We carry security tire locks by Trimax. If you just want a single anti-theft wheel nut, we carry those as well in Rugged Ridge. If you have a rigid tire cover, we have a Boomerang Cable lock for those. TMX-ST30_6558   We know you work hard for your paycheck, and we know you want to keep the things you have. no matter if you are in the city or out on the trails. There're going to be times when you may have to leave your Jeep for a bit of time, and you need to know the things you left inside will still be there when you get back. Hey, if someone is going to take something, at least make them work hard for it. Put some stress in their life, not yours. Take a look at your Jeep, and see how our security products best fit into your needs. How can you make it more convenient, and safer, for you, the driver and owner? At Morris 4x4 Center, we hope you may not need these types of parts, but if you do. we want to be ready. To help you protect your personal items, your Jeep, and most of all, your family.