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Polyurethane is a great way to beef up components on your Jeep, primarily the suspension. The stock rubber components get weak, crack, make noise, and sometimes just plain fall off and disappear to who knows where. Even if you're currently running rubber bushings, the urethane ones can improve things like control and handling, and make components stronger and less likely to give way when you rely on them the most. They can also be replaced at any time during the life of your Jeep. Omix Polyurethane Axle Snubbers - These axle snubbers bolt up to the frame in place of the rubbers ones, and are simple change out for any moderate mechanic. Extremely durable, they can take abuse year after year, and will help make sure the axle doesn't go beyond it's safe travel and damage any suspension components. Skyjacker Polyurethane Swaybar Bushings - Rubber Swaybar bushings, notably the front ones, are usually the first ones to go on any vehicle. They take a lot of torque, twisting, heat, things rubber doesn't like very much. Upgrading them to polyurethane will allow the swaybar to work better, with less flexing. In most cases, it can even tighten up the suspension to give you a better "feel" or "response"  when turning. Energy Suspension Leaf Spring Polyurethane Bushings - The spring bushings can go bad over time, and will usually end up squeaking to just being sloppy in the end of the spring eye or hanger. The springs are probably fine, they just need new bushings, and polyurethane is the way to go. They don't give as much, and don't allow the spring to "slide" around. They are a good investment if you plan on keeping your Jeep, especially if you drive a lot of miles. Daystar Polyurethane Comfort Ride Rear Boosters - These are good for replacing worn out rubber insolaters. Usually the rubber ones wear thing a bit, then the next thing you know, the metal spring is rubbing up against the body / frame / chassis, and you get an irritating squeak from metal rubbing on metal. These polyurethane ones can last much longer, are not likely to thin out, and easily changed out on your Jeep. A bonus for the Daystar ones is they are thicker than the stock insolater, so they will raise the back of the vehicle a small amount over the stock height. Making them useful if you tow, or have a lot of rear weight (spare, offroad bumper, gear) hanging off the back.

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Energy Suspensions Body Mount Polyurethane Bushings - One of the most popular mods to a Jeep is replacing the old rubber body mount bushings with polyurethane ones. Chances are, the old ones are just plain shot, cracked, maybe even missing. There's no sense in doing just one, and many companies offer kits that are ready to go and bundled so you can do all of them at the same time. Sometimes people think the polyurethane ones will be harder than the rubber ones, but have you ever had an old rubber bushing in your hand? It's so dried up from heat and years of use, it's already a rock! The new polyurethane ones will have more give and work better than an old rubber bushings. Of course, using thicker (say, 2 inch) body mounts is one of the easiest, and least costly ways to lift a Jeep for large tires. Energy Suspension Polyurethane Track Arm Bushings - Track arms are an important part of the suspension. They help do exactly what they're called, keep the vehicle on track and going straight (or at least, in the direction you want to go). This is one place you never want any sloppiness. By upgrading to these polyurethane bushings, you'll get better, tighter control, especially at highway speeds. TeraFlex Upper Bumpstops  - Bumpstops, in this case for the Wrangler models with front struts, prevent the vehicle from bottoming out violently. They slip over the strut shaft, and make contact, acting as a cushion, so that the upper strut body doesn't slam into the body / inner fender panel. Original bumpstops can be made from rubber, foam rubber, or several other materials. They also tend to crack, rot, and if it's serious deterioration, simply fall off one day while you're driving. Making sure yours are in good condition will protect your suspension components, and the body panels from contact when bottoming out. Polyurethane bumpstops will last for many years and are very durable. The also come in different sizes and lengths to accommodate lifted suspensions that have more travel.

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Rugged Ridge Urethane Track Bar Bushing - The last thing you want is a rear track bar bushing being sloppy, such as on a Cherokee. You can get those bushings working fresh and tight with new polyurethane ones. This type of track bar keep the rear suspension from wandering side to side, and that's not something you want to feel while driving. Keep your rear suspension centered and working properly. Rubicon Express Lower Control Arm Polyurethane Bushing - No one wants to hear their vehicle squeaking through the local drive through burger joint. But that's usually a sign that the control arm bushings are wasted and on their way out. It can also be a safety issue, because you want the front suspension working properly, especially in the front. Polyurethane bushings are sturdy, last longer, quite, and keep the suspension nice and tight. Energy Suspensions Polyurethane Transmission Mount - Rubber transmission mounts are prone to crack and fail. Being made of rubber, if any oil or trans fluid gets on them, that can shorten their life big time. Most of them are ready to be replaced, even if the driver doesn't know it. By replacing the old one with a polyurethane one, you'll get a transmission mount that is more resistant to oils, and would probably outlast any rubber mount you could ever use ten fold. Daystar Polyurethane Roller Fairlead Winch Isolator - This solid one piece block polyurethane isolator gives you practical place to secure your winch hook. With it's red color, it's easy to spot, and is very durable for whatever winch you might use. No one wants their hook banging around, or hanging loose. This is a simple way to secure it from any issues. Rugged Ridge Heavy Duty Polyurethane Winch Cable Stopper - This winch stopper is easy to use, and keeps your winch hook tight, but safe against the fairlead. No more loose cable or hook banging around. Just slide it over the winch line, winch the line in till the stopper is tight between the fairlead and hook. Rugged Polyurethane Ridge Jack Handle Grabber - If you have an offroad trail jack, such as a HiLift, this polyurethane grabber will keep the handle from vibrating and making noise (rattling) up against the jack itself. These are all great ways to improve your Jeep with just a few dollars. Most of them can be installed easily with moderate mechanic skills. Polyurethane is the way to go if you have rubber parts that have failed, or if you just want to upgrade and keep your Jeep in tip top shape. And of course, we carry these great product here at Morris 4X4 Center, your favorite place for Jeep parts! See you on the trails !