2015 Extreme Barbie ZJeep Downhill Racing

Barbie Jeep (or facsimile) : CHECK Downhill Slope: CHECK Helmet: CHECK Ambulance Ride: PROBABLY Check out the video with some crash and burns at an Extreme Barbie Jeep Event. Medical care must be free in that state, it looks pretty competitive. We're not sure what the rules are (if there are any!) but it looks like everyone is having a great weekend! Just to pass on a few observations: 1. Just because you have your hood up on the race  course does not dictate you may be having car trouble. Other racers are free to run you over when the opportunity arises. 2. You must have special training to drive with one hand, and hold your beer with your other hand (spilling beer does not cause you to loose any points in any way from what we see). 3. Saying, "Watch This!" and doing something life threatening is acceptable in these instances. 4. Contrary to this video, inflatable women do not have CPR training and cannot help in a situation where you've been knocked out. 5. Actually riding the vehicle while going downhill is optional. Extra points seem to be awarded if the car rides you, runs over you, hits you, or beats you to the bottom of the hill. Which is most of the time. So what do you think? Would you risk this treacherous track and go for the gold?