2015 Jeep Giveaway Winner

Jeep+Winner+Facebook It's been a long journey to this big day! We've been holding on to this JK Wrangler Giveaway Jeep and finally, it was time to let her go to a new home. Congratulations to the winner of the 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, which goes to   .... Jeff Fahmie!!!! This Wrangler beast is outfitted with the latest products from Bestop, Rugged Ridge, and many others. It's back in black with the gear to take it off road in a heart beat! Now a new owner will take the reins of this quarter horse and hit the trails and experience the great outdoors. It's been exciting all year to add great name brand parts to the Jeep in preparation for this great day. We tried to build the ultimate Jeep that one  lucky off-road fan  could be proud of. We think we succeeded. We've had a lot of great compliments on it from Jeep folks, and we've had a lot entries, but in the end, it comes down to one luck of the draw, and one winner. Jeff Fahmie will be taking this Jeep home with an incredible story to tell, and the lucky chance of a lifetime. We're not sure even Santa can top a Jeep JK Unlimited given away by Morris 4x4 Center. It's definitely more than a stocking stuffer! Once again, congratulations to Jeff Fahmie, and we hope he enjoys many years with his new Jeep, for himself and the whole family.