2015 Jeep Renegade

2015 jeep renegade 4x4

Coming soon to the Jeep stable is the new 2015 Renegade. This is not the CJ style Renegade you are used to thinking of, it's not even based on the popular Wrangler chassis. This is Jeep's all new small cross-over vehicle, a mini SUV, for the city or a light excursion outside your normal pavement areas. It's appearance, which is a little round, and a little straight edged, is an all new design of sheet metal to create one overall look of a midsize, rugged vehicle. Jeep refers to this new look as "Tek-Tonic". Nonetheless, the grill is unmistakable as all Jeep. The base of this vehicle is the ever present Fiat 500L. A platform that seems to be the Swiss pocket knife of platforms in which Fiat, Chrysler, Jeep, and other auto manufactures can base their vehicles on. Some of the highlights of the new vehicle are:
  • Strut Front Suspension
  • Chapman style Rear Independent Suspension
  • KONI Dampners
  • Four-wheel Vented Disc Brakes
  • Anti-lock Brake System With Rough-road Detection Feature.
  • Optional 4-Wheel Active Drive Options I and II
  • Seven Airbags
  • Seating Capacity of  Five
  • Optional My Sky™ dual-panel (sun) roof
  • Trailhawk Models are Trail Rated
  • Distinctive Taillamps Feature Vintage Military Gas Can Detailing
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