Check out the best Jeep Accessories of 2016 so far. That’s right, we’re ending the year’s first quarter with an exposé of the coolest Jeep accessories you, the customers, have been purchasing. We’ll be showcasing the best Jeep seat covers in terms of purchase popularity, the best Jeep soft tops, lift kits, and Wrangler accessories according the hot ticket items we couldn’t keep trapped in the warehouse. We’ll also cover a few choice items like winches, seats, and other useful and high volume bits and pieces you couldn’t get enough of.

Best Jeep Replacement Seats

The award for best selling replacement seat of the first quarter goes to the Smittybilt Standard Front Bucket Seat, with the Smittybilt Low Back Bucket Seat coming in close behind. Looks like all you project lovers have been busy bringing your older Jeeps back to life with these stylish and comfortable seats. Fitting virtually every Wrangler and CJ model from 1976 to today, these easy to mount seats make projects seem to go buy a bit faster.

Best Jeep Seat Covers

One of the most popular aftermarket Jeep accessories brands, Smittybilt comes up again with their Neoprene seat covers. The black with charcoal seats have been selling like hotcakes too. With so many open air Jeeps out there, it’s no wonder why protecting your 2003-2006 Wrangler TJ and TJ Unlimited Jeep seats is a priority. These badboys are 100% breathable Neoprene made for comfort and durability, and custom fit for all Wranglers. No tools, no problem.

Best Jeep Trailing Arm Mounts

Consider Auto Rust the King of trailing arm mount repair kits for TJ. And give yourselves a pat on the back for not only getting out there and pushing your Jeeps to the limit, but also repairing them when they’re damaged. It looks like you’ve been busy doing both. Below is a list of the most popular trailing arm mount products sold so far this year:

Best Jeep Lift Kits

As far as lift kits go, you guys have been showing a lot of love to Rough Country’s 2.5” and 4” suspension kits. Maybe it’s because of this post. And we don’t blame you—Rough Country delivers on some serious performance ability with bolt on options. This just reinforces the earlier statement that you have been pushing your Jeep to the limit and getting out on the trails.

Best Jeep Fender Flares

The Smittybilt XRC 4 piece Fender Flare Kit and Rugged Ridge 7” All Terrain Fender 6 piece are neck and neck. Both offer durable construction and protection from rock, mud, and other debris flying back at your Jeep.
For those with Wrangler JK rigs 2007-2016, the powder coated XRC fender flares can be painted to match your body color. The Rugged Ridge kit features UV protection and fits TJ models, 1997-2006. And to prove we offer other brands, Crown’s 4 piece fender flare kit has been holding its own this year with solid numbers too.

Best Aftermarket Jeep Lights

KC Hilites and Rough Country own the first quarter. KC Hilites 6” Apollo Pro Halogen Long Range lights are keeping people out of the dark. Meanwhile, the Rough Country 50” LED light bar continues to shed some light on the subject, er, trails and campsites too. And for what it’s worth, both sets just look really cool.

Best Jeep Bumpers and Accessories

Making its way to the list for the first time is VDP’s Modular Bumper End Caps. The Jeep bumper accessories fit your JK Wrangler, and are indestructible.
As far as 2016’s best selling Jeep bumper, the Smittybilt SRC front stinger bumper comes in first place at the moment. With its mean look and ability to withstand the most hostile environments, it deserves to be. That, it’s impressive ground clearance, and the fact that it fits YJ and TJ Wranglers, makes it super popular with the trail riders out there.

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Best Jeep Soft Tops

2016’s best first quarter soft top performers come from Bestop. No surprise there. The top two performers are: The NX model fits the Wrangler TJL and the Replace-A-Top fits JKs. We hope you’re enjoying all that refreshing open air and freedom with these two awesome soft tops.

Best Jeep Winches

Our customers are really considerate. You guys have been saving yourselves, friends, and strangers on the trail. And you’ve been doing it with three winches in particular:
These winches are universal fitment, so they’ll fit your JK, TJ, and any other Jeep you’ve got. And if you’re looking for the best Jeep winch under $500, consider either of the 9,500 lbs. options. For more information on these, check this post out.

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Other Best-Selling Jeep Accessories So Far

To round off our list of the best Jeep Accessories so far, we’ve gathered some interesting data. These parts may not be glamorous, but they’re the parts you need. Wheel spacers have been moving non-stop the last three months, and below are the top ranking sets you’ve been ordering from Morris 4x4 Center: In addition, the heavy duty ball joint set from Synergy is moving pretty well too. Along with this windshield frame kit for CJ, VDP overhead sound bar for TJ and YJs, and this adjustable track bar (1.5” – 4.5” lift) for YJ, TJ, and Cherokee. And to prove our customers are a generous bunch, our $100 Morris 4x4 Center gift cards have been flying off the “shelves.” But none of these items hold a candle to our #1 selling item of the first quarter… Drumroll, please! The 2016 Morris 4x4 Center and Rugged Ridge Calendar! With 3,523 calendars sold, we appreciate you having us in your garages, offices, and homes.
Thanks for being the best customers out there. We look forward to providing you the best Jeep parts and accessories, service, and expertise for years to come. Please join us on April 16 to celebrate our 25th Anniversary, which couldn’t be possible without you. Stay tuned for more Jeep news, 4x4 products, and guides from Morris 4x4 Center.

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