2016 High School Grad Wins New Jeep

Alejandra Conyers is an 18 year old recent graduate of Columbia Central High School in TN. She is the proud  owner of a brand new 2016 Jeep Renegade. The lucky grad won it from Columbia Chrysler Jeep. They've been running this "Strive to Drive" car giveaway every year for a while now. The dealership gives a new graduate a brand new vehicle at no charge. The winner is selected from a drum of names of students who have perfect attendance or their name on the honor roll list. Her name was randomly selected from a pool of 900 Seniors Conyers has been working over the last year and a half in order to make payments on her old car that's in poor condition. She also received a $250 car insurance credit. She plans on attending Columbia State Community College in the fall for her Associates Degree before she moves on to get a degree in business. Alejandra is relieved that she no longer has to make payments for an unreliable car. The Renegade isn't the only thing the dealership gave away. Before the grand prize was claimed, over 40 other prizes were given out, from %500 gift certificates to free meal vouchers. Columbia Chrysler Jeep is definitely doing a great job in motivating students to excel in their studies. Thanks to the Columbia Daily Herald for the original post. What'd you get for graduation? Tell us in the comments!

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