We finally get to see this year's Jeep Concepts in action! Albeit a short video, it sure is nice to see Jeep's Easter Concepts come to life and take on some mountain. I wish there was more footage of the FC 150 Heritage and Crew Chief having a go. It was kind of cool seeing the Comanche ride around though! And those red wheels on the 715 look so cool climbing that mound.

Easter Jeep Concepts Video Footage

Thanks to FCA Digital Media for the video, it was a real treat. It makes me want to see what the Wrangler pickup is going to be like already. Mark Allen, Head of Jeep Design said "What we try to do is cover a lot of different bases to a wider audience...that explains the variety." This year's concepts surely did cover the spectrum. And the team is already thinking about next year's concepts, which they claim will be entirely different from this year's lineup.
The Jeep team really drove home the idea that their products are tested for performance, and that the consumer can trust a  Jeep will be able to stand up to the conditions it will be exposed to when you take it off road. The Trail Rated badge has been questioned by some lately, mainly because of the Renegade, but Jeep assures us that the badge means business. Just have a look at what all of this year's  Jeep Concepts can do. A few of the concepts were basically just customized versions of the existing Renegade and Wrangler models-- namely, the Trailstorm and Commander. So, if you were inclined to take on  project to beef up your rig, don't forget about our extensive selection of Jeep parts and accessories. Now that you've seen the concepts footage, do you have a new favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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