The FCA and Jeep have gotten some black eyes lately from recalls and mechanical issues. So it is probably safe to say they deserve a break and a cup of luck with their day. Fortunately, the NHTSA has given the 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 a Five-Star Overall Safety Rating.

2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Earns Five-Star Safety Rating

Five stars are the highest rating possible, and it does not come easy. There are three distinct tests the Grand Cherokee has to go through to get the award.
  1. The frontal barrier tests, such as when there is a front collision with another vehicle.
  2. The barrier test, which is when the vehicle is hit on the side by another vehicle.
  3. The Side pole test; this represents when a vehicle impacts on the side with a pole.
However, before we even celebrate, it is important to note that this is the FOURTH consecutive year that the Jeep Grand Cherokee has been rated five stars by the NHTSA. Needless to say, Jeep is safety minded, and to pull this off again is a testament to their engineering. However, more than that, the 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee is full of safety features most luxury SUVs may not even have. Including Advanced Multistage air bags. The Grand Cherokee also has a side curtain airbag, a supplemental front seat air bag, and side knee bolster airbag that inflates. For 2017, the Grand Cherokee has an optional AEB (Automatic Emergency Braking) system. Jeep calls this “Full-Speed Collision Warning with Crash Mitigation.” It may sound complicated, but the basics are that it uses cameras and radar technology. It incorporates these sensors with the full speed system automatically, so it can detect when the system should deploy. It is so advanced if a collision is detected, it transmits an audible warning and a visual one, to get the drivers attention. If the driver does not respond, the system triggers a brief braking application, again to try and alert the driver. If the driver still doesn't respond, the brakes will be applied to bring the vehicle to a slower speed. If the danger is encountered under 25 mph, it may even stop the Grand Cherokee completely. The NHTSA notes that the AEB technology does not affect the results of their tests. (since their purpose is to crash the Jeep for testing - not stop the crash we would imagine). This new “Sensor Fusion Technology” system is available not just on the 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee, but several other Jeeps as well. When you have got a whole family loaded on board, you can never have enough safety in an accident situation. You can always get another Jeep - but not another family.