2018 Diesel Jeep Wrangler Testing

Wondering what's going on with the upcoming JL Wrangler? We’re still trying to stay on top of the next Jeep design for you. From rumors, spy shots, and even test mules, when we come across some new information we like to pass it on to our Jeep fans. Anticipation is high as with any new Jeep, and we're sure the 2018 models (including a future pickup truck) will not disappoint. The next generation (now labeled as a “JL” Wrangler, as opposed to the current JK version) continues to evolve to be the next Jeep everyone will want. Fortunately, Jeep was keen enough to keep the basics: solid axles, body-on-frame chassis, and now, even a new diesel engine to broaden it’s appeal. We feel this keeps the Wrangler friendly towards modification and upgrading, and familiar to Jeep mechanics and owners. A tested diesel model did use a Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Tank, which diesel truck owners (even Dodge) are used to seeing, but it’s hard to say whether that’s a temporary addition for testing, or if it will be in the production model. DEF is for emissions, but not all diesel engines are calibrated/designed to use it. Since the Wrangler is exported all over the world, it’s possible some countries might have the option and some may not. It really depends on how the engine is setup and maybe regional regulations. But overall, it looks promising. While the JL Wrangler is a “new” model, most of it’s design reflects the JK version, so Jeep fans will probably update and offroad the 2018 models just like they’ve been doing to the JK for years. Big thanks to Four Wheeler Network for the original post and images. We’re looking forward to seeing what new Jeep goodies will become available! How about you?

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