Recently a grille came to light that might be the new grille for the 2018 Jeep Wrangler. It is just a still image, but it has been reported and is coming from a viable source, someone possibly from the company that makes the grilles for Jeep.

2018 Jeep Wrangler Front Grille Leaked

With a quick look, it appears to be very similar to the current grille. Although, it seems to be rounder, more subtle than the JK Wrangler grille. There are no turn signal holes or holes for any additional lighting. It appears to have a slight vertical bow, which is rounder than the JK’s more pronounced “bend.” The new Jeep should be out sometime in 2018.

You will not get the full view because the new Jeep is literally “under wraps.” The attempts to hide what’s going on from the spy cameras are in good effort. Although there are the times where these wraps cannot hide it all, parts will leak out, one at a time. A hood here, a fender there, and of course - the iconic grille.

Is it the new grille? Maybe. It is possible there could be a couple of different ones for different models, such as a Rubicon or other Special Edition. We can already guess that the next gen Wrangler will not be too radically distinct from the current JK model.

When it comes to a Jeep, particularly the Wrangler, it is always going to be about the grille. Meaning, it has to have the iconic seven slats - no more - no less. Every Jeep, from the very first Bantam to the slat grille that was hand made and welded, to the latest JK grille. Even the Renegades have their distinct grille. So with the approaching deadline for the next generation Jeep Wrangler’s debut, it is all about the grille. What do you think?