Winter's making it's move on 2016, and there's plenty of snow and ice in the future this year. We expect a lot of Jeeps to be busy helping stranded motorists, and going places they're needed, where other vehicle can't quite make it.

Jeep Breaks Through Ice - 3 Escape

If you're new to driving a Jeep, although it's a mighty off road vehicle, you still need to know your terrain, and where you're going. Three young people were driving their JK Wrangler near a lake in Indiana, but ended up stuck when their Jeep broke through the ice at a local lake. Fortunately they hadn't made it far out on the lake, and it wasn't that deep where they were driving. All three had time to escape out the windows, and the Jeep was only partially sunk, and then trapped in the ice and water. (to be towed out later). This was at 11:30 pm at night, so It was probably quite a shock when it happened. So if you go out trailing, or out to rescue a friend in your Jeep this winter, be prepared. Pack a bag you can scoop up and throw in the Jeep in a hurry. Pack it with a compass, a fold out map, flashlight, flares, maybe a tow strap and a fold up shovel. But make sure you know the area, and the terrain you're going into. Stay safe!