When Jeep folks get together to discuss their ride and various parts, there’s no doubt that the discussion will turn to the big accessories. From a new stubby bumper to larger tires, to all new fender flares. Maybe even a winch. Swapping stories on the different mods and what works (and what doesn’t) is what being a Jeeper is all about. Sharing the knowledge on the best parts, which parts fit better, which parts are useful. Getting that information from another Jeep owner can save you time, money, and headaches later. You might think the big parts are what make your Jeep invincible. But small parts can make all the difference between your Jeep trailing or sitting dead in your driveway.

MOPAR Transfer Case Shift Cable Bushing

Doesn’t look like much, does it? However, this part, this small piece of high-grade nylon material, can get old, brittle, cracked, and eventually - will probably fall off, leaving you in a world of hurt. You are probably asking yourself, why do I need this? Because it is one of those parts you, have to have. Without it, you cannot shift your Jeep properly in and out of 2WD / 4WD, or sometimes, you cannot even put it in neutral.
If you want to inspect your bushing on your JK Wrangler Jeep, it is at the end of the transfer case cable, which runs from the (interior) console that has the selector, down to the transfer case itself. Some people complain about the bushing because they go bad, but cars and trucks have been using these types of bushings for decades. Heat kills them, as does other weather conditions and they get old. When I worked at Ford, they used a similar bushing on the throttle linkage on the EFI V8s (around 1987-1996 or so). Every counterman knew what that bushing number was by heart, enough to walk back and just get one off the shelf. Heat in the engine compartment baked them till they crumbled, and they failed often. This shifter bushing is no different. Thankfully, you can replace just the bushing. On some GM vehicles, you have to buy the entire cable. The bushings are not sold separately. So here’s why we are bringing this up. THESE BUSHINGS ARE CHEAP. What’s the cost of not being able to shift or move your Jeep? If you cannot get it into neutral, you might not even be able to tow it. Now you are down for the count. You are 100 miles into the woods, the nearest parts store or dealership is hours away, and you have got a major problem.

What Now?

Get several of these bushings and store them in your glove box in your Jeep. Right now. The Mopar Transfer Case Bushing is the cheapest, and easiest, “first aid” part you will ever buy for your Jeep. Don’t wait for it to happen to you, don’t wait for the bushing to fail. It will happen, to your Jeep, a buddies Jeep, and at the worst time, you can almost bet on it. It is a factory MOPAR part (# 68064273AB), so it fits exactly like the original one. Be prepared!